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Baskets and Accessories
Blue and White and Light Natural Wood Basket - Stationary Handle
Large circular basket with blue and natural wood floral design around top circumference of basket and handle. Basket is woven with durable white cord and the bottom rows are navy cord. The basket measures approximately 8" in diameter and about 13" in height, with the handle. Excellent condition.
Price: $15.00
Set of three Lighthouse Baskets
Three small square lighthouse baskets, each basket has a beach scene with a lighthouse featured. The lids open and the movable handle lifts easily. The baskets have a beautiful two tone weave; the lids are hand painted on a wooden tile that has a hinge attached to the basket. The baskets measure almost 4" in height, and are 4 x 4" in width and depth. When the swing handle is raised, the height of the basket is 7" tall. The artwork is lovely with a concentration of blue and white in the lighthouse and beach design.
Price: $18.00

Longaberger - Baskets & Accessories
Each basket is hand-woven, in mint condition and retired.
All Longaberger baskets are stamped: 
Initials and numbers are written on the baskets' bottoms.
Longaberger Small Picnic Basket tables, dividers or risers - set of two included with the basket featured below.Longaberger Basket Velcro fabric piece for handles; includes a recipe for Grandma's Gingerbread


Classic Blue Medium Berry Longaberger Basket
Square-shaped Longaberger basket with Blue Medium Berry Rose Trellis liner and protector insert. The Classic Blue Medium Berry Basket measures 7.5" square and about 3.75" tall. The bottom of basket signed and initialed. Product Card included. All items are in mint condition.
Price: $32.50
Classic Spring Longaberger Basket, Rose Fabric Liner and Protector - 10928
Longaberger Classic Spring Basket, 10928, comes with the Longaberger Single Protector, 40908 and with the pink and green on cream rose design fabric with two ties on the front and back. Stationary handle measures about 5.5" tall from the center. All items are in mint condition, including the product card. The Classic Spring Basket measures at its longest, 10.5" in length; 8" in width and 5.5" in height.
Price: $55.00
Longaberger Picnic Basket with two moveable handles - 11029 - Gingerbread fabric cover with ties, two picnic tables (basket dividers) and Velcro matching fabric for attaching to handles included
Lovely Picnic Basket by Longaberger Measures 11x 12 x 6.25" Five piece set includes: basket, two tables, fabric cover and matching fabric Velcro piece for handles. Tables or dividers measure: 9.5" squared with 2.75" legs. Fabric design includes a recipe for "Grandma's Gingerbread"! Mint condition; signed and dated Product Card included 11029 1997 receipt $81.23 Additional photos, above.
Price: $60.00
Longaberger Basket: 1996 Little Pumpkin Basket with lining and protector and swinging handle
Longaberger Pumpkin Basket is round (5" tall, 6.5" diameter) with one movable handle. Longaberger basket with pumpkin designed cloth liner. Bottom of basked signed and initialed. Colorful Pumpkin Tie-On attached. Product Card included. Mint condition.
Price: $32.50
Longaberger Basket: 1997 Shades of Autumn - Bountiful Harvest with two swinging handles
Longaberger Basket: 1996 Little Pumpkin Basket with lining and protector and swinging handle
Price: $42.00
Longaberger Basket: 1996 Holiday Cheer Basket - Green Accent Weaving with two swinging handles
Two swinging handles on this Longaberger rectangular basket Green, red and gold cloth liner (216878) and protector insert. Bottom of basket signed and initialed Bronze plaque featured on basket's front Product Card included Mint condition
Price: $48.00
Longaberger Basket: 1996 All-American Collection Summertime with two swinging handles 18911
Two handled oblong-shaped basket 1996 All American (28908) red, white and blue liner. Divided mini-(veggie) protector insert Bottom of basket signed and initialed Product Card included Mint condition
Price: $48.00
Longaberger Basket: 1997 Inaugural Basket with Eagle Medallion with one handle
Small round (5.5" diameter, 3.25" tall) Longaberger basket; stationary handle Bronze plaque with medallion attached to ribbon Inaugural liner and protector insert Bottom of basket signed and initialed Product Card insert Mint condition
Price: $64.00
Longaberger Basket: 1995 Large Fruit Basket (13200)
Large round Fruit Basket with protector insert (large fruit 43257) One moveable handle Measures 13" in diameter; 8.5" in height Mint condition
Price: $50.00
Longaberger Basket Bread Brick Cover 247833
Longaberger Basket Bread Brick Cover 247833 White flower and dot print on navy fabric Heavy woven fabric napkin Measures close to 21 x 21" with overcast edges. Machine wash and dry. Mint condition Original packaging
Price: $12.50
Colorful Pails, Tins and Wire Baskets
Chick Metal Pail
Tin Pail with swinging handle perfect for Easter or anytime. Bright yellow background with black dots for eyes, pink cheeks and orange lips are featured on this 4.25" tall pail. Great to collect eggs or candy. The diameter at the top is 4". Mint condition.
Price: $2.50
Churchill's Peter Pan Money Box - Tin
Originally filled with English toffees and created by Churchill Confectionery, this ornately embossed tin features Peter Pan flying around Big Ben with Wendy, Tinkerbell and the boys. The side that features Wendy flying also has a slot for money that will take both coin and dollar bills. The top lifts off for retrieval of savings. Beautifully detailed this tin money box will be treasured! The tin money box measures 8" in height and is 3" on each of the four sides. Excellent condition.
Price: $12.50
Elmo Round Tin Lunch Box - Sesame Workshop: The Tin Box Company
Sesame Street Elmo Tin Lunch Box - Sesame Street Tickle is a round tin lunchbox measuring 7" across, 6.4" in height and 2.6" in depth. Produced by Sesame Workshop in 2012 with The Tin Box Company. Mint condition. Note: appears more red than picture shows.
Price: $7.50
Tulip Square Tin - Art by T. Cathey
Red, orange and yellow tulips with green stems surround the four sides of this tin. The top matches the yellow of the yellow tulips. Created by Potpourri Press in Greensboro, NC, this colorful tin is in excellent condition. The artist, T. Cathey signed on one side of the tin. The tulip tin measures 4.5" square and 3.5" in height.
Price: $5.00
Watering Cans - Set of Four Small Pastel Metal Watering Cans
Four painted metal watering cans in lavender, yellow, pink and blue. Each watering can is white speckled. Base of each watering can is 2" in diameter; 2.4" tall and almost 4.5" in length.
Price: $7.50
Wire Sculpture Basket with Ivy Leaves
Wonderful oblong shaped wire basket with green and copper patina features metal ivy leaves around the lip of the basket and part of the basket's handle. The basket measures about 8.5" in length (taking in account the swirling leaf pattern), just over 6" in width and about 10.5" in height, from the base to the top of the handle.
Price: $12.00