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Aesop's Fables illustrated by Charles Santore ISBN: 978-1-4027-8412-5
Published by Sterling Children's Books, this hardcover version of Aesop's Fables is illustrated by Charles Santore. Each story is beautifully illustrated, in color; 50 pages. Last story, "The Hare and the Tortoise" has a pull out illustration in three panels measuring 25" x 11.5". Mint condition.
Price: $8.50
Awesome Ocean Science: Investigating the Secrets of the Underwater World - ISBN: 1-885593-71-6
Awesome Ocean Science is a Williamson Kids Can! Book written in 2003 by Cindy A. Littlefield. 120 pages. The book explores the wonders of the ocean, its floor and the plants and animals that dwell in it, teaches how to protect these resources and provides hands-on activities for further investigation. The mint condition paperback book measures 11 x 8.5".
Price: $8.00
Bloomfield Blossoms: Glimpses into the History of Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - Hardcover - LOC# 76-21179
Bloomfield Blossoms is a rare collector's and first edition of the 159 page Bicentennial project of Bloomfield Michigan history, one of the oldest Townships in Michigan. Written by Kay Smith, illustrated by Larry McManus and published by the Bloomfield Township Bicentennial Commission in 1976 would make a valued and cherished book to any book collector. The hardcover book measures 8.25 x 9.5 x .6". This copy is in excellent condition! (Other books on the market are priced significantly higher with conditions less favorable!)
Price: $270.00
Card and Dice Games by N.A.C. Bathe - 2nd Edition
Card and Dice Games by N.A.C. Bathe was published in 2004 by Robert Frederick Ltd. Wonderful compact hard cover book for the gaming enthusiast. Measures 8.4 x 6.2".
Price: $7.50
Classic Card Games & Tricks Hardcover by Sheila Anne Barry ISBN: 1-4027-1068-2
Classic Card Games & Tricks is a hardback book measuring 7 x 5.5 x 1.2". Wonderful way to entertain friends and family! Impress with predictions, discovery and sleights of hand. Features table of contents, illustrations, clear directions and index. Published by Main Street, a division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. Mint condition. 288 pages.
Price: $6.50
Day Is Done - Picture book and CD version of Peter Yarrow's song, "Day is Done" - ISBN 13: 978-14027 48066
Hard cover book with CD written and sung by songwriter Peter Yarrow and accompanied by artist Melissa Sweet. Wonderful images celebrate the loving bond between parent and well as the connection between all creatures on Earth. Measures 11.6 x 10.8". Mint condition...with CD. Songs on the CD include: Day is Done, I Know Where I'm Going and Dona Dona Dona. Published by Sterling in 2009.
Price: $11.50
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work: Simple Ways to Minimize Stress and Conflict While Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others - Paperback - ISBN: 0-7868-8336-7
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work shows readers how to interact more peaceably and joyfully with colleagues, clients and bosses. Although work can be a stressful experience, Richard Carlson reveals tips that will transform your outlook at the office, easing stress there and also leading to a happier life at home. The paperback book published by Hyperion Press in 1998 is 284 pages. Mint condition.
Price: $8.00
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Teens: Simple Ways to Keep Your Cool in Stressful Times Paperback - ISBN: 0-7868-8597-1
Richard Carlson offers teenagers simple, helpful wisdom for coping with everyday issues in this paperback. Teens deal with stress in almost every facet of their lives: academics, sports, social situations, family life, money matters, even work. The author applies the same techniques to teens that have made his other books required reading for anyone coping with life's everyday challenges. In simple, straightforward language, Dr. Carlson addresses teen concerns with chapters such as: "Make Peace with Your Mistakes," "Be Okay with Your Bad Hair Day," "Turn Down the Drama Meter," and "Notice Your Parents Doing Things Right." Perfect gift for your teen or grand teen! The book published by Hyperion Press in 2000 is 242 pages. Mint condition.
Price: $8.00
Feng Shui: The Traditional Oriental Way to Enhance Your Life - Hardcover - ISBN: 1-84084-948-7
Feng-shui is the ancient Chinese art of tuning in to the seasonal changes, tides and vibrations of nature to bring health, wealth and good fortune. This beautifully illustrated hardcover book will help you alter your environment, your home and your life so that you feel at peace with yourself and the world around you. Written by Stephen Skinner and published by Parragon in 1997, the book is 96 pages. The book measures 7.25 x 5.75 x .4". Excellent condition.
Price: $10.00
Galileo for Kids: His Life and Ideas - ISBN: 978-1-55652-566-7
Galileo for Kids: His Life and Ideas was written in 2005 by Richard Panchy with a Foreword by Buzz Aldrin. 25 activities are featured with the life and ideas of this amazing scientist. Children will learn how Galileo's revolutionary discoveries and sometimes controversial theories changed his world and laid the groundwork for modern astronomy and physics. This book will inspire kids to be stargazers and future astronauts or scientists as they discover Galileo's life and work. Activities allow children to try some of his theories on their own, with experiments that include playing with gravity and motion, making a pendulum, observing the moon, and painting with light and shadow. Along with the scientific aspects of Galileo's life, his passion for music and art are discussed and exemplified by period engravings, maps, prints and much more. The mint condition paperback book measures 11 x 8.5".
Price: $12.00
Goodnight, Little One by Sandra Magsamen - ISBN 10 0-316-06594-3
Send little ones off with sweet dream wishes in this adorable interactive bedtime cloth book! Goodnight, Little One is an accordion-style, quilted book by Sandra Magsamen that features a sparkling moon on the cover. Babies can lift the five soft, furry animal flaps to discover loving bedtime messages printed underneath. Soft cover book by Little, Brown and Company measures 7.5 x 7 x 2.5". Excellent condition. Original tags.
Price: $6.50
Good Old Days Presents Hometown Memories - ISBN 10: 1882138430
Memories of hometowns are found in this delightful "good old days" hardcover book. Stories and illustrations will delight. Published by House of White Birches in 1999; edited by Ken and Janice Tate. Measures 11 x 8.25 x .5"; 160 pages. Mint condition.
Price: $9.00
Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud; Illustrated by David Messing - Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9785071-1-0
Winner of 16 awards from 2007-2015! Through simple prose and vivid illustrations, this heartwarming book encourages positive behavior as children see how rewarding it is to express daily kindness, appreciation, and love. Bucket filling and dipping are effective metaphors for understanding the effects of our actions and words on the well being of others and ourselves. Perfect book to share with your children and grandchildren! This book was published by Ferne Press in Michigan. The book measures 10.5 x 8". Mint condition.
Price: $8.50
High in the Clouds - First Edition Hardcover by Paul McCartney - ISBN: 0-525-47733-0
Sir Paul McCartney combines his love of animals and children into a breathtaking and readable story. The bright, colorful illustrations convey the message of a great adventure of Wirral, the main character. Wirral, a squirrel, is on a quest to find a fabled animal sanctuary called Animalia. The dedication page states: "This book is dedicated to the ones we love"....Paul McCartney and Philip Ardagh wrote the book and Geoff Dunbar illustrated the story for Dutton Children's Books, published in 2005. The movie based on the book is a passion project for Paul McCartney who is continuing to develop "High in the Clouds" as an animated
3-D movie. This first edition, hardcover book is 94 pages, printed in US with reinforced binding. The book and book jacket are in mint condition. Awesome illustrations throughout, including inside covers! Measures 12 x 9.75".
Price: $12.50
Individuals: Portraits from the Gap Collection, CD inside - Collectible condition ISBN 13 978-1-59591-015-8
Individuals - Portraits from the Gap Collection is a purple hardcover book in its original packaging and a CD is inside the packaging. Collector's edition. Fifteen songs featured in Gap ads are included. Published by Melcher Media in 2006. "Know who you are and be it. Celebrate your uniqueness with passion and conviction. This is the powerful philosophy at the heart of more than thirty years of Gap advertising-ads that have created an indelible imprint on American pop culture. Virtually every icon from every artistic field has sat for a Gap ad, and Individuals brings the best of these together for the first time. Kim Basinger, Brandon Boyd, Danny Glover, Dominick Dunne, Heather Graham, Scarlett Johansson, B.B. King, Ashton Kutcher, Karl Lagerfeld, and Michelle Williams are just some of the influential icons featured." Measures 11 x 11 x .85".
Price: $29.00
I'd Choose You! - Based on The Blessing by John T. Trent - ISBN: 0-8499-5250-6
Miniature hardcover book published by Word Publishing, written by John T. Trent and illustrated by Judy Love. Published in 1995; 32 pages, Based on the best-selling book, The Blessing, this book shows how to make your child feel loved and secure. Mint condition; inside front cover page is a personalized page for writing the child's name, the person giving the book and for the specific occasion the book was presented. Book measures 3 x 3.24".
Price: $5.00
Leaves From A Child's Garden of Verses - Hardcover - ISBN: -8317-5697-7
Leaves from A Child's Garden of Verses is R. L. Stevenson classic poetry with full color throughout. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! (The photo on page 11 [Elizabeth's Afternoon Tea] is featured on the Artwork Gift page.) First published in 1885, Stevenson's idyllic tribute to the joys of childhood are enhanced by Donna Green who wanted to illustrate Stevenson's vision with her own views of childhood. Her nearly twenty timeless images will spark fond memories about shadows, tin soldiers and tiny fairies. This hardcover book is 77 pages and measures 11.1 x 9.7 x .5". Mint condition.
Price: $9.00
Let's Create with Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide ISBN 10: 0789412756
Terrific guide for paper crafts! Step-by-step, the authors include decorative art, invitations, paper pottery and so much more. This hardback edition written by Dave King, Dawn Sirett and Angela Wilkes was published by DK Publishing in 1998.
Price: $9.00
Let's Make Presents - A Step-By-Step Guide by Challoner, King, Sirett and Wilkes ISBN: 0-7894-1274-8
A guide to creating exciting gifts for family and friends, from fun pins and pasta jewelry to painted bottles and pressed flower pictures. There are easy-to-follow instructions for impressive results, with full-color photos for each gift showing supplies needed, steps to make the gift and the finished item. The book also includes wrapping presents and making gift cards. This hardcover book was published by Dorling Kindersley Limited and the copyright date is 1996. Printed and bound in Italy by L.E.G.O. The book measures 12 x 9.25" and is 31 pages. Mint condition.
Price: $9.00
Life is Good at Grandma's - Hallmark BOK4339
This Hallmark Gift Book, Life is Good at Grandma's was published in 2008 and written by Stacey Donovan and illustrated by Cary Phillips. On one of the last pages, you can "glue, paste or stick your your silliest funniest, favoritest photo of you and Grandma....". The book measures 7.25" square. Excellent condition. Library bound, hardcover.
Price: $9.00
Little Bits of Wisdom: A Collection of Tips and Advice from Real Parents - ISBN: 1-88838-740-8
Little Bits of Wisdom is written by Josie Bissett; this is her first book-and what a delight! Little Bits of Wisdom is a book that parents will treasure for good reasons. From parents and grandparents come priceless tips for the adventures of raising children. Thousands of parents throughout the world submitted their best insights or child. Each entry is the heart-felt advice that parents will use, treasure and remember. Published by Compendium Inc. in 2001, the hardcover book measures 5.8 x 8.5 x.5" and has 126 pages. Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to Rich Relationships (Hardcover) by Jeffrey Gitomer - ISBN: 1-885167-660
The author, Jeffrey Gitomer, offers a fresh take on networking and connecting your way to success. He is the nation's #1 sales trainer. Little Black Book of Connections is based on the power of give value first. It's about how you can climb the ladder without stepping on people's backs. It's about how to earn the respect of a powerful mentor without begging. It's about how to build stronger relationships with customers, bosses, co-workers, vendors, friends, and family. It's about being in the same room with powerful people. It's about how to connect and how to not connect. It's about how to say the right things to the right people in the right circumstances to make the right impression. The book is small. The cover is classic black cloth. The four-color text graphics makes it attractive and easy to read the compelling content is easy to understand and implement. Published by Bard Press in 2006, this hardcover book is in mint condition. Learn about rich relationships! Perfect gift for anyone! Measures 7.75 x 5.25 x .6".
Price: $14.00
Little Thoughts with Love by Anne Geddes - ISBN: 0-7683-2020-8
Little Thoughts with Love is the First US Edition by Cedco Publishing in 1998.Photographs by Anne Geddes are accompanied by inspirational quotes. (J.M. Barrie, "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.") This photo book will be a treasured gift and beloved keepsake to all that own it. Little Thoughts With Love is a book about new beginnings, tiny miracles, and futures rich with promise. The book measures .8 x 11 x 11.2 inches and has 124 pages. The hardcover book and jacket are in mint condition.
Price: $8.50
Mark Twain's Helpful Hints for Good Living: A Handbook for the Damned Human Race - Hardback - ISBN: 0-520-24245-9
Mark Twain's Helpful Hints for Good Living: A Handbook for the Damned Human Race is hardcover and a wonderful addition to your collection of humor and satire. Irreverent, charming, eminently quotable, this handbook, an eccentric etiquette guide for the human race, contains 69 aphorisms, anecdotes, whimsical suggestions, maxims and cautionary tales from Mark Twain's private and published writings. It dispenses advice and reflections on family life and public manners; opinions on topics such as dress, health, food, and childrearing and safetyand more specialized tips, such as those for dealing with annoying salesmen and burglars. Culled from Twain's personal letters, autobiographical writings, speeches, novels, and sketches, these pieces are delightfully fresh, witty, startlingly relevant, and bursting with Twain's characteristic ebullience for life. They also remind us exactly how Mark Twain came to be the most distinctive and well-known American literary voice. These texts, some of them new or out of print for decades, have been selected and meticulously prepared by the editors at the Mark Twain Project, Salamo, Fischer and Frank. Published by the University of California Press in 2004, the hardcover is 221 pages and measures 8.25 x 6.25 x .8". Mint condition.
Price: $16.00
Mothers Are Special: A Tribute To Those Who Love, Encourage & Inspire - compiled by Lucy Mead Hardcover - ISBN 0 517-20955-1
A wonderful gift book with humorous, inspiring, heartwarming and loving words about mothers. Anecdotes, proverbs and quotes - funny and profound. The hardcover gift book is 64 pages and was published by Gramercy Books in 2000. The book measures 6.9 x 6.8 x .5". Mint condition.
Price: $7.50
Nutcracker Sweet: Menus and Music - Volume V - ISBN: 0-9615150-7-4
Nutcracker Sweet was printed in 1992 and published by Menus and Music Productions. The authors include Sharon O'Connor and Martha Rubin. The soft cover edition contains over 175 recipes contributed by famous restaurants of Canada, the US, Western Europe. The book measures 6.8 x 9.25 x .6" (253 pages). Excellent condition.
Price: $12.50
One to Ten... and Back Again: An Amazing Pull-the-Ribbon Book - ISBN: 978-0-8249-1436-3
One to Ten...and Back Again is written by Betty Ann Schwartz in 2006. The numbers are the same...counting them is a whole new experience! This is as easy as 1...2...3! or... 3...2...1! Children grasp the convenient built-in handles and open the covers. A ribbon appears, almost by magic, with a bright little bee printed on it. With a turn of the page, a second ribbon with two pretty little butterflies appears. And so, on to 10. Think you are finished? Indeed not! Turn the book upside down and count back to one. One to Ten...and Back Again is a hardcover book that's deceptively simple silk ribbon action, dazzling printing, clear design, and a mesmerizing page-turning sequence adds up to -- far more than ten! The mint condition hardcover book measures about 8.25 x 8.4".
Price: $9.00
Postcards from Penguin: One Hundred Book Covers in One Box - ISBN: 978-0-141-04466-8
Perfect gift for all book lovers! This "book" box opens and inside are 100 Penguin book covers! The books of F. Scott Fitzgerald, H. G. Wells and George Orwell are only three of the authors, here! Book box measures 6.75 x 4.5 x 2.5" tall. Published by Penguin Group USA in 2010; 100 postcards. Mint condition.
Price: $15.00
School by Robert Coles and Nicholas Nixon - ISBN: 0-8212-2501-4
School, a hardcover book, is a rare collaboration with Robert Coles, Pulitzer Prize winning child psychiatrist, and Nicholas Nixon, photographer. Together they explore lives of children in three Boston area settings: a Cambridge elementary school, the Perkins School for the Blind and the elite Boston Latin School. Nixon's penetrating portraits are accompanied by a three-part essay by Coles, professor emeritus at Harvard University and a graduate of Boston Latin. Compassionate intelligence and art are combined in this First Edition from 1998. Library of Congress # 97-78282. School is a Bulfinch Press Book from Little, Brown and Company. Mint condition; measures 10.5 x 9.8 x .8".
Price: $48.00
Sweet Spot: 125 Years of Baseball and the Louisville Slugger - ISBN-13: 978-1600781766
Sweet Spot: 125 Years of Baseball and the Louisville Slugger is the true story of how a family-owned woodshop near the falls of the Ohio River became one of the most recognizable brand names. The family saw its famous bat in the hands of virtually every legendary slugger in the history of the game. This hard cover book features amazing photos and memorabilia directly from the Hillerich & Bradsby archives, is a commemorative and loving tribute to the game's greatest players and the family business that equipped them for more than a century. Measures .9 x 9.1 x 10.2". Published in 2009 by Triumph Books; written by David Magee and Philip Shirley. 176+ pages: excellent condition.
Price: $11.00
Thank Heaven for Little Girls: A Celebration in Words and Pictures by Carol Ann Nawracaj and Monica Rich Kosann - ISBN 10: 158062281X
Thank Heaven for Little Girls is a hardcover book that celebrates the challenges, joys, trials, and adventures that define little girls' journeys. Illustrated with over 60 beautiful photographs, which are supported by uniquely insightful quotations. This book will enchant and beguile the reader into the world that is seen through the eyes of a young girl. Each chapter explores young girls' journeys through the stages of growing and learning. Published by Adams Media Corporation in 2001, the book measures 10 x 7.8 x .5". Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
The 20th Century Art Box Postcards by Phaidon ISBN 10: 0714839477
This is one of three specially designed card boxes with a sliding tray, containing 50 images from the bestselling The 20th Century Art Book. Each of the 50 postcards is of a different image and each postcard contains text from the book giving detailed descriptions of the work and its creator. This box contains postcards of the work of Klimt, Hopper Moses and many other notable artists. Measures 6.8 x 5.25". Mint condition.
Price: $14.50
The Big Book of Business Games by John Newstrom & Edward Scannell ISBN 10: 0-07-046476-6
The Big Book of Business Games is an exciting resource book written by two well-known game masters. The activities are guaranteed to generate discussion or reinvigorate a staff meeting. Great gift for any presenter! Newstrom and Scannell adapted 75 group games and shortened them to suit the needs of managers and team leaders. Published by McGraw-Hill, this 170 page paperback is in mint condition and measures 7.3 x 9.3 x .5".
Price: $12.00
The Buddha Box - Hardcover - ISBN: 0-8118-1950-7
The Buddha Box (Buddhism) includes a hardcover book and more. A miniature Buddha sculpture finds a beautiful home in this portable shrine, illustrated hardcover and meditation tool all in one. The book written in 1998 by Manuela Dunn Mascetti is 96 pages. The hardcover book slides into the box to make an elegant backdrop for a statue of seated Buddha, tells the story of Prince Gautama, from the prediction of his destiny at birth through his encounter with the Four Sights to his enlightenment and the education of his first students. Illustrated with art from Japan, China and India, the book also relates a brief history of Buddhism and includes sutras, mantras and prayers. Buddha in a Box can be used for prayer and meditation practices, an ideal travel companion or a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in Buddhism. The measurements of The Buddha Box are 4.6 x 6.9 x 2.9". Mint condition.
Price: $18.00
The Car and the Camera: The Detroit School of Automotive Photography - Hardcover - ISBN: 0-8143-2674-9
The Car And The Camera is a celebration of Detroit car photographers of "shooters" who created new ways of photographing (and seeing) automobiles from the 1950s through the 1990s. The Car And The Camera takes readers on a visual journey as this splendidly illustrated catalog of images examines the technological advances in photography that have affected automotive advertisements and traces the fascinating development of the Detroit school of automotive photography, highlighting major photographers and their work. The hardcover book also explores ways in which the automotive industry and auto advertisements act as barometers of American culture, both mirroring and helping to shape the American spirit of the time. The great photographs showcased in The Car And The Camera are especially worth studying now, as electronic imaging seems destiny to replace many of the rich traditions of automotive photography. The Car And The Camera is a perfect addition to any automotive history or photography collection. The authors are David Lewis and Bill Rauhauser; the joint publishing venture is between Wayne State University and the Detroit Institute of Arts in 1996. Excellent condition.
Price: $22.00
The Classic Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales (Children's Storybook Classics) by Hans Christian Andersen and Sheila Black ISBN: 0-89471-981-5
Classic Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen is retold by Sheila Black in this elegant gift edition. The artwork is captivating and in color. The Classic Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales is full of wonder, adventure and magic and will absolutely be cherished by children and adults. Published by Courage Books in 1997, the storybook measures 8.5 x 11 x .5". Mint condition; 56 pages.
Price: $11.00
The Father's Guide to the Meaning of Life: What Being a Dad Has Taught Me About Hope, Love, Patience, Pride, and Everyday Wonder - Hallmark BOK4057
Men's Health writer Joe Kita rekindles the magic he created in his successful Wisdom of Our Fathers -- this time turning his keen insights to his experience. Kita discusses heroes and role models that he and other parents have discovered as well as music that shaped his attitudes about fatherhood. In first-person prose, Kita provides more than a dozen essential lessons about life that were taught to him by his children, and when he said good-bye to his own father for the last time. Father's Guide is a study of life, complete with obstacles and rewards, as seen through a father's experience. Published by Hallmark in 2002, the opening page allows one to personalize this perfect gift for a new dad. Mint condition.
Price: $8.00
The Grandparents Handbook: Games Activities, Tips, How Tos, and And All-Around Fun by Elizabeth La Ban - BOK4375
The Grandparents Handbook is a hardcover book that includes dozens of activities for grandparents and grandchildren. Written by Elizabeth Laban with contributions from Nana Trostler and Grandpa Laban. Published in 2009 by Quirk Books for Hallmark. Includes a page for personalizing and a Hallmark ribbon for a placeholder. Mint condition. Measures 7.75 x 5.75 x .7".
Price: $9.50
The Grandparents' Little Idea Book - Paperback - ISBN: 0-965-1801-0-7
The Grandparents' Little Idea Book has over 250 ideas for grandparents to create lasting memories with their grandchildren. The paperback book is divided into 10 chapters such as long distance grand-parenting, activities and welcoming a new grandchild. Written by Teri Harrison and published by The Grandparent Gift Co., the book is 144 pages, including the page in back for notes. Measures 5 x 7", The perfect little grandparent gift.
Price: $7.00
The Great American Road Trip (Book Brick) Hardcover - ISBN-13: 978-1412711838
The Great American Road Trip is written by Eric Peterson, a travel expert. Both fun and informative; highly recommended on the road or in the comfort of your favorite chair at home. The book features American treasures, colorful photos, interesting facts and helpful travel planning tips. A convenient index is organized by the U.S. state. The copyright date is 2010 by Publications International. The book, 318 pages, measures 6.6 x 6.8 x 1.3". Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
The Little Book of Insults edited by Rosanna Kelly - Hardback - ISBN: 0-75253-171-9
Published by Parragon Press in 2000, The Little Book of Insults is a collection of some of the best put-downs in history. Insults are available for a variety of occasions. The hardcover book with a bright red ribbon attached bookmark measures 5.5 x 4.5 x 1.1" and is in mint condition.
Price: $6.50
The Pleasures of Boating and Sailing by Jenny de Gex for Abercrombie & Fitch (Hardcover) ISBN: 1-85145-8425
Published in 1991, this First Edition of The Pleasures of Boating and Sailing was published by Pavilion Books in 1991. The book was written by Jenny De Gex for Abercrombie & Fitch. The illustrations, both in color and black and white accompany the works of Lord Byron, Longfellow and other illustrious sea-going adventurers. Excellent condition. Measures 5.5 x 8".
Price: $12.00
The Reindeer Afraid to Fly by Bendon Publishing ISBN: 1-932209-23-9
The Reindeer Afraid to Fly is a hardback children's book about a reindeer at the holiday time. Big and bright illustrations and the charming tale make this story a holiday favorite. Published by Bendon Publishing, International, in 2002, the book measures 11 x 11 x .4". Mint condition; place to personalize on inside cover.
Price: $6.00
The Wizard of Oz With Three-Dimensional Pop-Up Scenes by L. Frank Baum and Nicola L. Robinson ISBN: 978-1608871643
Published by Insight Editions in 2012, this version of The Wizard of Oz tells the story written by L. Frank Baum. The wonderful classic comes to life with three dimensional pop-up scenes and Nicola Robinson's intricate pen-and-ink illustrations. Hardcover; 34 pages in full color. Mint condition.
Price: $19.50
There's Always Room for One More by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert ISBN: 886910-77-451595
First American edition, 2001, hardback, by Front Street; originally published in the Netherlands. Printed and bound in Belgium. When Beaver builds a boat just for fun, his friends want to join the ride. A wet adventure follows as Beaver, Mole, Hare, Hedgehog, Badger and Bear find their way down the river. Mint condition.
Price: $9.50
To My Teacher, Thanks for Everything From A to Z - Hallmark Gift Book Hardcover BOK4364
A Hallmark Gift Book that can be personalized for the extra-special teacher who makes every day a "work of heart." In a fun A-to-Z format, celebrate all the things that make your child's teacher unforgettable. On the inside, "To my incredible teacher.....From you thankful student....." Copyright in 2009 by Hallmark Books by Katherine Bontrager. This hardcover book measures 5.25 x 5.25 x .3". Mint condition.
Price: $7.00
A Victorian Alphabet of Everyday Recipes by Isabella Beeton - Hardcover ISBN: 0 - 8212 - 2034 - 9
From A for Apple Jelly to Z for Zuppa Inglese (English Trifle), this delightful alphabet recipe book features the quintessential dishes of Victorian England. Updated recipes for today's kitchens and full color illustrations from the original 1890 edition add to the period flavor with no loss of taste. Published by Bulfinch Press in 1993, the book measures 4.8 x 6.75 x .5". Negligible corner wear.
Price: $6.00
What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff ISBN-13: 978-0761121329
This revised third edition of the popular pregnancy guide offers the authoritative yet reassuring advice that parents have come to rely. The paperback book is arranged by month, from pregnancy test through labor and delivery. Each section offers answers to FAQ, along with features such as "What You May Be Feeling" and "What You May Be Concerned About." Each issue is addressed, including the small but nagging subjects that women may not want to discuss with their doctors, such as how their bodies will look at seven months, or why some pregnant women "glow" while others have acne. While readers who already own this book won't have to rush to buy the new edition, the revised volume does offer a number of excellent expanded sections and illustrations, including a more detailed discussion of postpartum depression. There are also new illustrations and more text on breast-feeding, with diagrams showing different feeding positions. The travel section offers specific suggestions for "jettisoning jet lag" in addition to standard advice on traveling while pregnant. This book remains an indispensable guide for pregnant women and their partners. Published by Workman Publishing Company in 2002. 597 pages. Mint condition.
Price: $8.00
Winter: Mary Engelbreit's Winter Craft Book written by Charlotte Lyons; Photographs by Barbara Elliott Martin - ISBN 0 - 8362 - 2231 - 8
Mary Engelbreit shows the reader how to brighten up winter months with fun craft projects for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's Valentine's and St. Patrick's. A multitude of new ideas can help you decorate your home and entertain friends and family. The hardcover book is 78 pages and illustrated by Mary Engelbreit. Published in 1996 by Andrews McMeel Publishing, the book measures 5.2 x 6.8 x .5". Mint condition.
Price: $7.50
Wit and Wisdom of The Muppets - Hallmark Books BOK1256
No topic is off limits for The Muppets, who continue to delight fans with timeless laughs and heartfelt hilarity. This book of quotable quips assembles some of Kermit and company's most entertaining and enlightening words of wisdom from The Muppet Show and their many films. Great illustrations, too! A must have for the Muppet fan! Copyright 2013 by Disney, for Hallmark. The book measures 6.25 x 6.25". x .5". The first page allows one to personalize "to and from".
Price: $10.00
Country Cottages Address Book
A Treasury of Country Cottages Address Book - Hardcover - ISBN: 1-85081-138-5
A Treasury of Country Cottages Address Book has four pages for notes at the end of the address book and is also considered a journal. Lovely fine art photographs of country cottages are throughout the hardcover address book. The author James Matthews has a treasure in this treasury. Each page has a stately border in keeping with the theme of the book. This is a keepsake. Published in 1996 by Robert Fredericks Ltd., the book is in mint condition and measures 7 x 9.25 x .4".
Price: $7.00

Books:  Collecting Antiques and Miniatures
Antiques Roadshow Primer: The Introductory Guide to Antiques and Collectibles - Hardcover: ISBN 0-7611-1624-9
The introductory guide to antiques and collectibles from the most-watched series on PBS, written by Carol Prisant; forward by Chris Jussel. Brimming with information to turn enthusiasts into connoisseurs. Hardcover, published by Workman Publishing in 1999. 366 pages; detailed index; great organization. Mint condition.
Price: $12.00
Masterpieces in Miniature - Miniature Accessories: ISBN 0-7641-5170-3
Miniature Accessories, a collectors' guide to illuminate, inspire and treasure. Small (almost 6 x 6 x .5") hardcover by Nick Forder. Copyright: 1999 by Quarto, Inc. - Barron Educational Services 64 pages (in color) + Index. Mint condition.
Price: $8.50
Masterpieces in Miniature - Miniature Dolls: ISBN 0-7641-5168-1
Miniature Dolls, a collectors' guide to illuminate, inspire and treasure. Small (almost 6 x 6 x .5") hardcover by Nick Forder. Copyright: 1999 by Quarto, Inc. - Barron Educational Services 64 pages (in color) + Index. Mint condition.
Price: $8.50
Masterpieces in Miniature - Miniature Furniture: ISBN 0-7641-5171-1
Miniature Furniture, a collectors' guide to illuminate, inspire and treasure. Small (almost 6 x 6 x .5") hardcover by Nick Forder. Copyright: 1999 by Quarto, Inc. - Barron Educational Services 64 pages (in color) + Index. Mint condition.
Price: $8.50
The Blue and White Room by Mary Gilliatt - ISBN: 0-553-07761-9
Hardcover book, The Blue and White Room by Mary Gilliatt was published by Bantam Books in 1992. Illustrated throughout with more than 125 full-color photographs, here is the ultimate decorating book on the exquisite color combination that has dominated history in art and architecture--from the treasures of Tutankhamen to ancient Roman tiles to modern Dutch, English and American interiors. The host of the 52-part PBS series "Decorating with Mary Gilliatt" shows how to make any room extraordinary with blue and white. The Blue and White Room is 165 pages and measures 11.5 x 10.75 x .75".
Price: $16.00

Art Books: Movements & Artists
Degas Art Activity Pack ISBN 0-8118-1688-5
Wonderful Art Activity Set about Edgar Degas art by Mila Boutan Chronicle Books Perfect for young, budding artist Softcover - 4 parts include: My Artist's Notebook (to create personalized masterpieces), Degas Poster (to color), book about Degas - his life, his work and his themes (to read and learn more) and jacket to keep materials (photo) Mint condition
Price: $7.50
Donald Zolan Christmas Book - ISBN-10: 0961307056
Donald Zolan Christmas Book is a hard cover book with paintings and text by artist Donald Zolan and poems by Katherine Trotti. This first edition was published by Pemberton & Oakes in 1991. The 46 page book measures 11.1 x 7.7 x .4". In mint condition.
Price: $10.00
Magic Moments: Donald Zolan Story Book ISBN 0-9613070-2-1
Paintings by Donald Zolan feature children at play, magical artwork and amazing poetry. Some poems entitled: Brotherly Love, Making Friends, Grandma's Garden and Baby and Me. Edited by Dolly Dickinson, published by Pemberton & Oakes Galleries, Ltd.; First Edition: 1988. Hardcover measures 11.1 x 7.6"; 46 pages. Mint condition.
Price: $12.50
Monet's Impressions - Metropolitan Museum of Art ISBN 978-0-8118-70566
Thru his life, Claude Monet wrote and spoke about his art. This elegant book pairs spectacular reproductions of some of his most important paintings with his own words to create a uniquely personal look at his work. Hardcover is in mint condition with vivid paintings reproduced on heavy white pages. Presented by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2009 by Chronicle Books. This is a terrific starting place for conversations between children and adults, reading the book together.
Price: $7.50
Norman Rockwell - A Sixty Year Retrospective - ISBN: 978-0810904569
Hardcover - 1972 Catalogue of an Exhibition Organized by Bernard Danenberg Galleries, NY Text by Thomas S. Buechner Mint condition Size: 12 x 9" - 157 pages
Price: $10.00
Van Gogh Art Activity Pack ISBN 0-8118-1312-6
Wonderful Art Activity Set about Van Gogh art by Mila Boutan Chronicle Books Perfect for young, budding artist Softcover - 4 parts include: My Artist's Notebook (to create personalized masterpieces), Van Gogh Poster (to color), book about Van Gogh - his life, his work and his themes (to read and learn more) and jacket to keep materials (photo) Mint condition.
Price: $7.50
A Wilder Image Bright: Hudson River School Paintings from the Manoogian Collection by Kevin Sharp ISBN 0-295-98407-4
The Hudson River School is the first coherent school of American art; it helped shape the mythos of the American landscape. The artists of the School, working from 1825 to 1875, infused the American landscape with the dreams and ambitions of a young nation poised for greatness.
Beginning with the works of Thomas Cole, acknowledged founder and key figure in the establishment of the School, landscape art became the prevalent genre of nineteenth-century painting. Cole, whose dramatic and colorful landscapes are among the most impressive of the group, may be said to have been its leader during the its most active years. The work of over 20 artists is included here, including paintings by Henry Inman, Jasper Cropsey, Frederic E. Church, George Inness, Sanford Gifford, Martin Johnson Heade, Albert Bierstadt, William Stanley Haseltine, and Thomas Moran. Author Kevin Sharp writes beautifully and each of the works of art in the Catalogue of the Exhibition are inspiring. The forward is written by John Z. Lofgren. Notes and Bibliography complete this work. Published by The Vero Beach Museum of Art in 2004. Mint condition. This amazing art book measures 11.5 x 9.5 x .7".
Price: $55.00

Music Books
Day is Done - Book and CD by Peter Yarrow - ISBN 13: 978-14027 48066
Hard cover picture book by award winners: songwriter Peter Yarrow and artist Melissa Sweet. The illustrations celebrate the loving bond between parent and child, as well as the connection between all creatures of the earth. Mint condition. Published by Sterling in 2009. Book measures 11.6 x 10.8; 24 pages. The CD includes three songs: Day is Done, I Know Where I'm Going and Dona Dona Dona.
Price: $11.50
You Can Teach Yourself about Music by L. Dean Bye - ISBN: 0-87166-261-2
This creative self-teaching text features an excellent grounding in music fundamentals; essential reading for beginning instrumentalists and vocalists providing a comprehensive musical dictionary, "self- instructional" theory lessons designed to motivate, and historical information. Written by L. Dean Bye; published by Bayside Press in 1989. Paperback; 136 pages. Great gift for the beginner! Measures 11.75 x 9"; in excellent condition.
Price: $9.00
Flowers and Gardening Books 
Taylor's Pocket Guide to Bulbs for Summer - Paperback Gardening Guide
Editor: Ann Reilly; published by Houghton Mufflin Company in 1989. Guide includes: full-color illustrations of 79 bulbs, tips on selecting the right bulbs for your garden, expert advice on planting, maintaining and increasing your collection, a climate zone map and hardiness ratings. 127 pages includes Glossary and Index. ISBN: 0-395-51016-3.
Price: $3.50
Taylor's Pocket Guide to Herbs and Edible Flowers - Paperback Gardening Guide
Editor: Ann Reilly; published by Houghton Mufflin Company in 1990. Guide includes: full-color illustrations of 79 plants, expert advice on planting, maintaining and increasing your collection, a climate zone map and hardiness ratings. 127 pages includes Glossary and Index. ISBN: 0-395-52246-3
Price: $3.50
Taylor's Pocket Guide to Vegetables - Paperback Gardening Guide
Editor: Ann Reilly; published by Houghton Mufflin Company in 1990. Guide includes: full-color illustrations of 79 vegetables, expert advice on selecting, planting and maintaining the right plants for your garden, a frost date map and hardiness information. 127 pages includes Glossary and Index. ISBN 0-395-52245-5.
Price: $3.50
Wildflowers Across America by Lady Bird Johnson and Carlton B. Lees - Hardcover
Perfect coffee table book. Lady Bird Johnson's love of nature and her eloquent descriptions are beautiful. Stunning photography of wildflowers were taken by the nation's best nature photographers. This hardcover edition was published in 2003 by Abbeville Press. Measures 9.5 x 9.5 x 1.2". Mint condition with book jacket.
Price: $24.00
Pet Lovers Books
Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats A-Z - ISBN: 1-56170-666-3
Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats A-Z is an easy-to-use guide for simple, at-home animal care written by Cheryl Schwartz, DVM. Hardcover and in good condition, the book is a must have for pet owners. Published by Hay House, Inc. in 2000. Measures 9 x 6.8". A couple pages in front and back were "glued" together, slightly. Therefore, the book is significantly discounted.
Price: $9.00 $4.50
The Hidden Life of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas - ISBN: 0-395-66958-8
The Hidden Life of Dogs was published by Houghton Mifflin Company in 1993. This First Edition hardcover book is 148 pages. Book in mint condition; dust jacket is in excellent condition; measures 8.25 x 5.25". Book's popularity and ranking is very high; reprinted over 15 times.
Price: $6.00
The Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas - ISBN: 0-671-79965-7
The Tribe of Tiger was published by Simon & Schuster in 1994. This First Edition hardcover book is 240 pages. Book in mint condition; dust jacket is in excellent condition; measures 8.75 x 5.75".
Price: $6.00
It's A Cat's Life: A Place To Organize Your Feline's Affairs! ISBN: 1841001139
It's A Cat's Life: A Place to Organize Your Feline's Affairs is a hardcover, bound scrapbook for cat enthusiasts. The hardback binder measures 9.5 x 7.5" and is in excellent condition. Information on cat care, dividers with cardboard pockets and pages for you to write information. Great for anyone who helps watch your cats, too. Pages for photos are also featured. Written by Gerry Maguire Thompson and illustrated by Madeleine Hardie. Pepper Pot, division of Quadrillion Publishing, Ltd., published the book in 1999.
Price: $6.00

Scrapbooks, Journals and Memory Keepers
Birders Journal - The Nature Conservancy - ISBN 1-561557-32-3
Hardcover Birders Journal by the Nature Conservancy was published in 1997 by Galison Books. Organized with quotations, field observations, live bird checklist (by family and species) and list of Nature Conservatory Preserves by state. Measures 8 x 5.75".
Price: $8.00
Dad Remembers : Memories for My Child (Hardcover) by Judith Levy
Hardcover journal for father to his child was conceived and written by Judith Levy and designed and illustrated by Judy Pelikan as A Welcome Book by Harper Collins Publishers in 1993. Includes Table of Contents and so much more! 64 pages - high quality paper! Measures 11.3 x 8.8 x .4". Mint condition.
Price: $12.00
Down in the Garden: Book of Days by Anne Geddes - ISBN-10: 1559120207
Hardcover illustrated calendar book features the artwork of photographer Anne Geddes. Her images capture the beauty, purity and preciousness of children. The Book of Days is 96 pages; published by Cedco Publishing Company in 1996. The book contains countless specialty photography by Anne Geddes, a place to write tasks and appointments for each day of the year and a place toward the end of the book for notes for each well as a couple pages for general notations. The book measures 8 x 7 x .6". Excellent condition.
Price: $5.00
For My Grandchild: A Grandmother's Gift of Memory - ISBN-13: 978-1402723254
The hardback book For My Grandchild: A Grandmother's Gift of Memory is a wonderful keepsake journal that allows a dialogue between grandmother and a grandchild. Written by Paige Gilchrist as part of a series for AARP in 2005, the publisher is Lark Crafts. It's easy to include photos and mementos. Mint condition.
Price: $6.50
Life Stories - An Autobiographical Journal by Marcel Schurman
Life Stories: An Autobiographical Journal is a rich treasure for any family member who would like to share their stories with others. Created by First Step Publishing by Marcel Schurman Company in 1997 the journal has vintage appeal and is in mint condition. The journal is 78 pages not including the sticker page that follows. Lovely detail. Journal measures 9.25 x 7.7 x .4".
Price: $12.50
Making Scrapbooks: Complete Guide to Preserving Your Treasured Memories - ISBN-0806999004
Precious memories and mementos are turned into lovely keepsakes to treasure forever. Making Scrapbooks presents 75 projects for creating memory albums with pop-ups, fancy cutouts, textural adornments, theme-appropriate artwork and memorabilia. Vanessa-Ann stocks her albums with clever ideas; the ideas are fun and plentiful. Mint condition. Wonderful gift for the scrapbook artist.
Price: $6.50
Mothers and Daughters: A Gift of Memories, A Record Book About Us - ISBN: 1-57977-111-4
Mothers & Daughters...A Gift of Memories (A Record Book about Us) is a hardback illustrated memory book that is meant to be personalized. Published by Havoc as a first edition in 1997 in San Diego, the book is meant to be shared between two generations. Colorful and in mint condition, the book measures 10" square.
Price: $12.00
My Family History by Hallmark Design Collections - RA8457
Hardcover journal for one's family history. Opening page reads: "This Family History Was Recorded By.... Every family has its own history, its own heartbeat...a family is where life begins and love happens." Mint condition. Great organization and design will delight the buyer. Measures 8.75 x 6.5".
Price: $9.50
My Middle-Aged Baby Book - A Record of Milestones, Millstones & Gallstones by Mary-Lou Weisman
Hardcover middle-aged journal written in 1995 makes a great birthday present for someone turning any age between 39+. The recipient of the book has plenty of space to personalize their adjustment to middle-age! Published by Workman Publishing, this book is 96 pages and measures 8.4 x 8.3 x .7". Mint condition.
Price: $7.50
The Wedding Book - Montague House Editions, Hardcover - ISBN 1 - 85081-060-5
This wedding journal is a fantastic gift book, especially for a traditional wedding. Famous artwork, poetry and quotations of the 19th century are featured throughout this gorgeous record book. Plenty of room to record personal details from the engagement through the ceremony through the reception and honeymoon. Perfect in every way. The hardcover book measures 8.5 x 6 x .4". Mint condition.
Price: $15.00
To My Daughter, With Love: A Mother's Memory Book - Hardcover - ISBN: 0-8317-8778-3
Beautifully illustrated with the evocative oil paintings of celebrated New England artist Donna Green, this elegant keepsake book provides prompts to help the reader to fill in details, dreams and memories about her mother, herself, and her daughter, forming a history of the women in a family. With durable, heavyweight paper to safeguard these cherished writings, this book will become a treasured keepsake for mother and daughter. Written and illustrated by Donna Green and published by Smithmark Publishers, Inc., the journal's impressionist style artwork will move the recorder and reader, over and over, with each review. This hardcover memory book has 80 pages and measures 9.8 x 11.2 x .5". Mint condition.
Price: $12.00
Travel Journal - Hardcover by Belle City Gifts - ISBN-13: 978-1424549061
This travel journal is truly beautiful and makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys adventure and travel. The book has 160 pages for thoughts. The first page invites the journal keeper to write their name. The journal measures 8 x 6 x .4" and is in mint condition.
Price: $12.00