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Fairies, Angels and Mermaids
Rose Fairy - Hallmark Keepsake Ornament from the Fairy Messengers Series, 2007.  Mint condition, in original box.  The Blue and White Cottage offers gifts from the heart; purchases that please.
Fairy and Angel Ornaments are found on the 

Blue and White Mermaid - Glazed Ceramic Mermaid Perched on an Oyster Shell
Blue and white mermaid is handmade by the owner of the Coastal Cottage in Mashpee, Cape Cod. The pale blue glazed ceramic mermaid sits on an oyster shell from Nantucket Sound Shores. The figurine measures 3.5 x 3.5". She is a fantastic find for any mermaid or nautical collector. Each one is unique! Mint condition.
Price: $24.00
Disney Princess Ariel, The Little Mermaid
The Disney Princess Ariel is a mermaid figurine. Beautifully constructed in ceramic and porcelain. Her flipper is a translucent sea-foam color. Ariel measures 6" tall and 3.5" wide. She is resting on a piece of coral.
Price: $24.00

Fairy Garden Watering Can Bank
Fairy Watering Can Coin Bank
Five fairies cluster around a watering can with colorful flowers. Very unusual stone resin coin bank! When the fairy dressed in white is lifted, a large slot for coins...or even a folded bill can be inserted into the bank. The watering can is surrounded by flora, including mushrooms. The roundish stone resin base measures 5 x 4.5" in diameter. The figurine angel bank measures 6.25" tall, taller if the angel is lifted to insert money. There is a white rubber coin stopper on the bottom for money removal. Excellent condition.
Price: $21.00

The Sweet Pea Fairy Porcelain Plate
The Sweet Pea Fairy Porcelain Plate - Flower Fairies Collection by Villeroy & Boch
The Sweet Pea Fairy is the Second Issue in the Flower Fairies Collection inspired by the work of Cicely Mary Barker. The porcelain plate was made by Heinrich: Villeroy & Boch as a Limited Edition plate: 2018/G. The Sweet Pea Fairy plate is rimmed in gold and measures 7.75" in diameter. Ready to hang! Mint condition; original box, booklet and Certificate of Authenticity.
Price: $25.50

Precious Moments Angel
Precious Moments "Little Moments" December Angel Figurine
Precious Moments Angel for December wears a blue multifaceted jewel on her wrist. Her other hand points to her wrist. She measures 3.75" tall and her halo is golden. On the base of the angel figurine is a pale pink ribbon with "December" written in script. Mint condition.
Price: $9.00

Angel Stone Resin Sculpture
Stone Resin Angel Sculpture
Angel carved on stone resin. Her brown wavy hair and large arched wings are features that compliment her smooth long figure. Her right hand crosses her chest as if she has deeply felt something quite moving. She is captivating in her simplicity.
Price: $12.00

Angels: Seraphim Classics
Seraphim Classics: Angel with Medical Professional "Caring Touch" 81663
Seraphim Classics Angel - Caring Touch Angel with Medical Professional holding a newborn in pink blanket. Item #81663 by Roman, Inc in 1999. Measures 7.5" tall. Mint condition; not in original box.
Price: $39.00
Seraphim Classics: Angels to Watch Over Me - 78027 - Roman, Inc.
Seraphim Classics: Angel To Watch Over Me. Blonde Newborn #78027. Resin figurine created in 1996 by Roman, Inc. Features Angel looking at sleeping infant (blonde). Measures 4" tall. Teddy bear is at the foot of the cradle. Not in original box; mint condition.
Price: $32.00
Seraphim Classics: Angels to Watch Over Me First Year Girl - 78028 - Roman, Inc.
Seraphim Classics: Angel To Watch Over Me First Year Girl. Reddish blonde toddler girl and bear #78028. Resin figurine created in 1996 by Roman, Inc. Features Angel holding one hand and almost touching second hand of young child. Measures 5.25" tall. Teddy bear, wrapped in a baby blue blanket is to the side of the young girl. In original box and packaging; mint condition. Box has three small tape marks.
Price: $38.00
Seraphim Classics: June, Angel of the Month 81816
Seraphim Classics Angel of the Month for June Figurine. Angel holds pink roses. Item #81816 by Roman, Inc in 1999; introduced in 2000. Measures 4.5 x 3". Mint condition; not in original box.
Price: $12.00
Seraphim Classics: November, Angel of the Month 81821
Seraphim Classics Angel of the Month for November Figurine. Angel holds leaf in her right hand and a cornucopia of fruit with her left arm. Item #81821 by Roman, Inc in 1999; introduced in 2000. Measures 4.3 x 3". Mint condition; not in original box.
Price: $12.00
Seraphim Classics: Isabel Gentle Spirit Angel 63656
Seraphim Classics Angel - Isabel "Gentle Spirit" Angel Figurine. Angel balances small white dove on the back of her right hand. Item #63656 by Roman, Inc in 1993. Measures 4.7 x 3". Excellent condition; not in original box.
Price: $12.00
Seraphim Classics: Lydia Winged Poet Angel 63664
Seraphim Classics Angel - Lydia "Winged Poet" Figurine. Angel strums lute. Item #63664 by Roman, Inc in 1995. Measures 4 x 3.4". Excellent condition; not in original box.
Price: $12.00

Two Angels Playing Instruments on a Cloud - Gold Trimmed Porcelain Plate in Bias Relief
One angel plays the lute; the other angel plays the violin. The lovely plate is 4.25" in diameter and is shown with a plexi-glass plate holder, included. Gold trim surrounds the outer edge of the white porcelain plate. Mint condition; not in original box.
Price: $11.00

Have A Heart Angel Bell - Home & Garden Party
Angel bell made of porcelain and decorated with gold tone was created by Home & Garden Party in partnership with the American Cancer Society in 2001. The angel bell comes in its original box with a placard explaining its origin. "Thank you for having a heart, " is written on the card, at the bottom. The angel bell measures 4.15" tall. Mint condition in its original box with card.
Price: $5.00

Antique Stone Angel on Wood Base
Angelic posed figurine in a ivory "antique" stone is standing on a small outcrop of rocks. The angel figurine is attached to a circular wooden base. The stone angel measures 8" in height and her wing span is about 4.5". Peaceful and inspirational in pose, this angel was preowned.
Price: $14.50

Butterfly Angels Healing Comfort by Giftcraft 481955
Butterfly Angels Healing Comfort features an angel cradling a cat with love. Butterfly Angels are figurines using soft, soothing color palettes for each design. Butterfly inspired angel wings, dimensional floral motifs accents and symbolic icons reflect the sentiment of each angel. The tag reads, "May you be touched with an angel's healing grace." Angel figurine measures 9" in height and her wing span is 4". Mint condition with original tag.
Price: $19.50

Caring Angel by Hallmark QXG1425 - Porcelain and Gold Metal figurine Ornament 2013
Caring Angel is a Hallmark Keepsake figurine ornament made of white porcelain and gold metal. The wings and crown and the quotation: "A Season of Caring...A Season of Sharing" are golden and stand out on the white porcelain. The gown and wings are intricately designed. The porcelain figurine measures 5" tall and was created by artist, Joanne Eschrich for 2013. Mint ornament in original box. Three in stock.
Price: $11.00

Ceramic Boy Angel with Bunny Figurine - White Ceramic Angel with soft pastels
Boy angel clutches a small bunny in his arms as he lays upon a fluffy cloud. The boy's feet bent at the knee so his feet face upwards. Both the boy angel and the small rabbit have soft brown eyes. The boy angel is clothed in a pale blue diaper; his hair is a soft beige. Touch of color on his mouth adds to his peaceful expression of comfort. Excellent condition. Boy angel figurine measures about 4" long and 3" tall.
Price: $10.00

DaySpring Cards Angel Trinket Box T9675
Porcelain box with pastel angel and flowers on box's top and sides of box's top. Perfect for inspirational mementos. Approximately 4 x 3 x 2" deep.
Price: $18.00
Garden Angel Photo Frame by Burnes of Boston designed by Susan Winget
Colorful Garden Angel Picture Frame features a metal garden angel with a watering can. Below the angel hangs a colorful wooden square photo frame that measures 3.5 x 3.5" The garden angel and frame measures 7" in height and about 6" in width. Designed by noted artist Susan Winget for Burnes of Boston. Hanger on back of angel for easy hanging.
Price: $8.50

Garden Angel Keepsake Box - Hand Painted Stone Resin
Garden angel trinket box features an angel in a lovely, ruffled party dress. She sits on the top of a small garden of white flowers, holding a blue bouquet. The flowers on the sides of the bottom of the box are pink, yellow and blue. There is a blue banner that is without any writing, but could be personalized with permanent markers. The keepsake box measures 3.25" tall (to the tip of the angel's wings); the figurine's width is 1.5". The base's diameter is 1.2". Mint condition.
Price: $8.50
Garden Fairy with Bird by Elements #4020879 - Lifetime Brands, Inc.
Large Garden Fairy with Bird in Hand. This garden fairy is lovely indoors, too! Lovely fairy holds bird in her hands. Elements: Lifetime Brands, Inc.; created this statue in 2006. Garden fairy measures close to 22" in height; 15.5 inches in width (wing span). Mint condition.
Price: $34.00

Garden Fairy with Bunny SG3192 by Stone Garden
Lovely fairy in a pale green leotard talks with bunny. SG3192 Blue-eyed fairy is designed by United Design and made by Stone Garden. This engaging figurine dressed in a green leotard with pink and purple flowers in her hair. The fairy sculpture measures 8 x 6 x 4.5". Her gossamer wings are transparent and opalescent in shades of yellow and green; mint condition - in original box.
Price: $36.50
Rejoice in Life's Beauty - The Enchanted Garden Collection, First Season
Fairy dressed in pale opalescent pink dress and scarf with outstretched arms holding a glass ball with flower in bloom. Small blue and lavender flowers bloom in the area around the fairy's feet. A blue and yellow flower adorns her hair. Figurine measures 8 x 4.5 x 4.5". 2003 Limited Edition; signed Certificate of Authenticity included; mint condition - in original box
Price: $38.00

Berrykiss - FG805 - Faerie Glen Collection; Munro Enterprises
Berrykiss is from the Faerie Glen Collection by Munro Enterprises, Inc. Berrykiss is lovely from head to toe; even more appealing, is that this figurine is retired. Berrykiss stands about 6" tall, is created of polyresin and hand-painted with exquisite details. Berrykiss placed fresh berries and wildflowers from the glen in her apron. Mint condition; in original box.
Price: $23.50

Sarah's Angels "Shelbi" - Figurine of an Angel holding a Kitten
Sarah's Angels are beautifully crafted stone resin figurines. This angel holding a kitten would make a terrific gift for someone who lost their beloved kitten or cat; truly this is a gift from the heart. Shelbi measures 4.5" tall. She is in mint condition and is a retired figurine. See additional photo at the bottom of this Gift Page.
Price: $14.50
Stained Glass Angel - Green and White Standing Angel Playing Musical Instrument
Beautifully and artistically created, this green and white stained glass angel features opaque white and transparent green glass. The angel's head is a faceted "jewel". The stained glass angel measures 8.8" tall and the base is 2.75" in diameter. The angel stands securely on a shelf or table and is lovely, year round.
Price: $20.00
Sarah's Angel's Shelbi is featured above - the angel is holding a kitten.  Mint condition; gifts from the heart are purchases that please!
The Blue and White Cottage - Gifts from the Heart; Purchases that Please
The detailing is exquisite on each figurine. 
Fairies and angels are hand crafted and hand painted.
Each gift of art is in mint condition.