The Blue and White Cottage - Keepsake Boxes - Wixom, MI
The Blue and White Cottage - Gifts from the Heart
Linden Wood Game Box - Open view: Perfect for Cards, Checkers, Dominoes or Poker Chips - Mint conditionSet of two coffee pots and Set of two teapots by Darice - hinged boxes - mint condition.Keepsake & Trinket Boxes and Trays

 Jardinia Cachepots: Nature Themes 

The elegant, imaginative boxes are created by Martin Perry Studios of Harmony Ball Company. The Jardinia collection of cachepots are carved with graceful bas-relief designs, taking the form of vases, urns and boxes. Jardinia's warm ivory look and feel is a result of the use of special crushed marble pioneered in England. Each piece is hand-tinted and has its distinctive character. All are in mint condition inside their original boxes with packaging information.  
Cats Galore - by Harmony Ball for Jardinia - JALRCA - Cachepot with Dozens of Cats in Design
This decorative box and lid are elegant and imaginative created by Harmony Ball Company for Jardinia. All different colors and types are featured. The interior inscription is in French. The English translation is, "When the cat is not hungry he says that the rear end of a mouse stinks." Cachepot measures 4 x 3.5". The special, retired, keepsake box is in mint condition - in its original box and packaging. Designed, also, to be a memorial urn.
Price: $40.00
Good Manners - by Harmony Ball for Jardinia - JALRPI - Cachepot with Pigs and Hogs in Design
This decorative box and lid are elegant and imaginative created by Harmony Ball Company for Jardinia. All different colors and types of pigs and hogs are featured. The interior inscription is in French. The English translation is, "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig" Good Manners cachepot measures 3.8 x 3.6". The special, retired, keepsake box is in mint condition - in its original box and packaging.
Price: $40.00
Jungle Fever by Harmony Ball for Jardinia - JALROR - Cachepot: Monkeys and Apes in Jungle Scene
Cachepots are elegant, imaginative two piece jars created by the Harmony Ball Company for Jardinia. Many examples of apes and monkeys and their relations are imaginatively featured on the jar. This cachepot was retired and is hard to find. There is an inscription on the interior of the box. Jungle Fever by Jardinia measures 3" in height and 2.75" in diameter. In mint condition - in its original box and packaging.
Price: $35.00
Kitty Litter by Harmony Ball for Jardinia - JALRCA2 - Cachepot: Kittens and Cats
Cachepots are elegant, imaginative two piece jars created by the Harmony Ball Company for Jardinia. This cachepot created in 2003 features Calico, Persian, Tabby, Garfield Orange, Black and more. There is an inscription on the interior. Kitty Litter measures 4 x 3". This Cats and Kittens jar is in mint condition - in its original box and packaging.
Price: $35.00
Strawberry Fields by Harmony Ball for Jardinia - JALRMI - Triangular Box - Mice in Strawberry Field
The decorative box and lid are elegant and imaginative created by Harmony Ball Company for Jardinia. There is an inscription on the interior. Strawberry Fields by Jardinia measures 2" in width and length of triangle and 1.25" in height. The special keepsake box is in mint condition - in its original box and packaging.
Price: $25.00
Sweet Sensations by Harmony Ball for Jardinia - JALRE7 - Cachepot with Fruits in Design
This decorative box and lid are elegant and imaginative created by Harmony Ball Company for Jardinia in 2003. All different colors and types of fruit are featured. The interior inscription is in French. The English translation is, "All love is sweet." Sweet Sensations is great for a dining room or kitchen. The cachepot measures 4.5 x 12" in diameter. The special, retired, keepsake box is in mint condition - in its original box and packaging.
Price: $34.00
Keepsake, Jewelry and Trinket Boxes
America Trinket Box - Hand Painted with "America" Printed
Six sided keepsake box features a tree, a multistory building and flag. "America" is printed on the green hill upon which the tree, building and flag stand. Measures 2.75 x 2.75 x 1.5". Excellent condition.
Price: $4.00
Black Lacquer Keepsake Box with Inlaid Mother of Pearl - Flower Design
Octagonal shape is the most desirable shape in Eastern philosophy. Floral design on black lacquer... Lift up lid reveals red silk lined box for special keepsakes. This mint condition trinket box measures 1" in height and 1.75" in diameter.
Price: $14.50
Black Lacquer Russian Trinket Box with Fairy Tale Motif
Hand painted and signed Russian lacquer keepsake box is square with a raised circle in the center of the top that opens. The box measures 2.25" square and the circle on top has a diameter of 2". Based upon a Russian fairy tale, this box's painting features a long hair maiden playing her tambourine while the fountain and tree dance to her music. Ornate in details, the keepsake box is artistically distinctive. Mint condition. The inside is bright red, edged in black.
Price: $62.00
Blue and White Pear Shaped Glass Keepsake Box
Opaque white glass with rich blue swirls are featured on this pear-shaped trinket box. The pear's stem is solid white and the box measures almost 6" in height. Mint condition. Very unusual!
Price: $23.00
Caboodle - Acrylic with Bright Circles and Silver Hardware
Bright see-through sturdy acrylic Caboodle box with silver hardware measures 7" across, 5" in height (with handle down) and about 4.5" in depth. The bright circles are Kadinsky inspired. Mint condition.
Price: $14.00
Cloisonne Etched Enamel over Brass Egg Trinket Box
Vintage cloisonne enamel egg has floral decorative work and sits on its own brass stand - see closeup. Interior is cobalt blue with gold edging. Egg is in mint condition. Original box in good condition.
Price: $9.50
Cloisonne Ginger Jar with Floral Design and Bird
Antique looking Cloisonne ginger jar measures 5.5" high with the top. The center of the top has a brushed gold knob, very distinctive. Colors are blues and greens, pinks and white on a gold and beige background. Stunning! The inside of the jar, both top and bottom as well as the bottom of the jar are shiny bright aqua in color. Excellent condition.
Price: $8.00
DaySpring Cards Angel Trinket Box T9675
Porcelain box with pastel angel and flowers on box's top and sides of box's top. Perfect for inspirational mementos. Approximately 4 x 3 x 2" deep.
Price: $18.00
Disney's Pocahontas Mini Figurine Gift Set of 5 Characters - Walt Disney Company by Applause
Disney Pocahontas miniature figurine collection in box. Each figurine is encased in plastic, in mint condition. Made by Applause with the Walt Disney Company, the box measures 4.5 x 3 x 2". Some edges of box show tiny wear.
Price: $8.00
Dominoes Keepsake Box - 28 Dominoes in Sliding Box
Deluxe set of 28 dominoes in a durable high quality plastic (looks like ivory) box. The small box features colorful circles in green, red and blue. Terrific gift for the traveler! The slider remains in place when moving the box or turning it over. Domino box measures 3.7 x 1.3" x 1" tall. Mint condition and rare!
Price: $12.50
Garden Angel Hand Painted Stone Resin Keepsake Box
Garden angel trinket box features an angel in a lovely, ruffled party dress. She sits on the top of a small garden of white flowers, holding a blue bouquet. The flowers on the sides of the bottom of the box are pink, yellow and blue. There is a blue banner that is without any writing, but could be personalized with permanent markers. The keepsake box measures 3.25" tall (to the tip of the angel's wings); the figurine's width is 1.5". The base's diameter is 1.2". Mint condition.
Price: $8.50
Happy Anniversary Heart Shaped Porcelain Trinket Box - Anniversary Wishes by Enesco 1983
Vintage heart shaped porcelain trinket box says, "Happy Anniversary" in gold script on the top of the box. To the left of the writing is a floral design of a pink rose, buds and leaves with gold outlining. Made in 1983 by Enesco, this keepsake box is in excellent condition and measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.5". The top has a gold outline that follows all around the top; the bottom of the box has gold floral designs.
Price: $7.00
"Home is Where... your heart is" Hand Painted Ceramic Keepsake Box
The hand painted ceramic oval trinket box features "Home is where..." on the outside top of the box and "your heart is" on the inside of the oval ceramic box. On the top of the box is a comfortable chair with a blue and white blanket and tiny pink kitty slippers. On the right of the comfy chair is a small table with a mug of hot chocolate and cookies; on the left is an ottoman with a stuffed animal resting. A circle rug is situated in front of the chair and kitty slippers. The ceramic box is cheerful and colorful. Background colors are beige and white with blue trim. A small red heart is featured inside the box with the rest of the quotation. Measures 3.6" across, 2.5" in wide and 3.4" tall. Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
Ladybug Round Keepsake Porcelain Box - Five Ladybugs and Red Polka Dots
White porcelain trinket box has five ladybugs on the top of the box and red polka dots on both the top and bottom parts of the keepsake box. The inside diameter of the box is 3.5"; the outside measures 4". The trinket box measures about 1" tall as it is curved on top. Excellent condition.
Price: $11.00
Lenox Ivory with Gold Trim Keepsake Box
This Lenox fine china keepsake box with flower on the top of the box and gold trim on the underside of the box top is attractive for any location. The interior of the box is lined with a soft material. The ivory keepsake box measures 2.7" square and 1.2" tall. Matching Lenox cloth for jewelry cleaning enclosed. Mint condition in its original Lenox box.
Price: $12.50
Lenox "The Fruits of Life" Keepsake Box - Certification of Authenticity
The Fruits of Life Keepsake Box is from the Lenox Collections. An original work of art created by the artists of Lenox and crafted of classic ivory fine china accented with 24 karat gold. The octagonal trinket box was created in 1998. The beautiful keepsake box measures 3" across and 1.5" tall. Certificate of Authenticity enclosed. Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
Linden Wood Game Box - Poker Chips, Cards, Checkers or Dominoes
Beautiful box is made of beautiful seasoned Linden wood, from the Tatra Mountain region of Poland where artists created this quality game box. Feathered corner joints and the raised interior lining ensure its enduring value as a keepsake. Measures: 4 x 6 x 2.25". Decorated by hand, with carvings, burning and staining techniques (red and black checkers) on a light wood and stained blue background.
Price: $29.00
Marble Round Column Keepsake Box - Edna Hibel art features Child with Kerchief
Lovely all marble column trinket box features the artwork of Edna Hibel. The marble has striations of brown, gold, gray, beige and olive green. The top of the keepsake box features a young blue eyed child with a kerchief. The circle around the child is gold, a trademark of Hibel and the child is dressed in a red top with a blue outfit to match her kerchief. The trinket box is 2.9" in diameter and 3" tall. Mint condition. Unusually beautiful.
Price: $28.00
Mother, Your Endless Love... Ivory Cottage Garden Rectangular Treasure Keepsake Hinged Box
Ivory, trimmed in gold, Cottage Garden rectangular wooden treasure box. A personal photo can replace the quotation on the top of the hinged box. Quotation reads, "Mother, your endless love is a treasured gift to our family." Bottom of box has black felt as does the inside of the box, both top and bottom. The box measures 4.5" long and 3.6" in width and about 2" tall. Mint condition.
Price: $11.50
Penguins Frolic Around Ice Block Ceramic Trinket Box
Parent penguin looks with concern or amazement at child penguin atop an ice block on this unique ceramic trinket box. Great expressions on both penguins! Baby penguin is grey wit black a white markings; parent is black and white with orange markings. The ice block is white, grays and blues. The trinket box measures 3.5" across and 3.5" tall. Original tag on bottom. Mint condition.
Price: $12.00
Seahorse Scalloped Silver and Yellow Enameled Trinket Box - Black Lined - SKU # 561108
Bright yellow enamel over silver trinket box with scalloped edges. Black lining inside keepsake box. Seahorse measures 1.5" and a rhinestone is featured for its eye and inside its tail. Produced by Schurman Retail Group for Papyrus, the trinket box comes in its original box, in mint condition.
Price: $11.50
Teapot Box - Metal and Cardboard Design - Victorian Style - Gold Tea Service Inside Teapot Box
Antique looking with Victorian design. Small child in dress up large hat serves her dolls with her cat interrupting her service. Small golden filigree thread at top of teapot. Inside are four platters, four mugs, three smaller plates and a teapot (no lid). Wonderful set for display or play!
Price: $7.50
Three Nested Blue and White Treasure Boxes by Tri-Coastal Design
Designed by Tina Higgins and Kathleen Francour, these three blue and white nested boxes are a terrific gift for jewelry and other trinkets. The largest treasure box features a sun and stars measures 5.5 x 4.5 x 4.5"; the middle box features a sleeping crescent moon and stars and measures 4.5 x 3.5 x 3.5" and the smallest box features a large star and smaller stars and measures 3.5 x 2.5 x 2.5". White ribbons are featured on each of the boxes upon opening. A real treasure for someone who wants the sun, moon and stars! Created by the artists for Tri-Coastal Design, Inc. in 2004. Mint condition.
Price: $18.50
Tiffany & Company Blue and White Round Porcelain Trinket Box - Peony Design
Lovely blue and white keepsake box designed by and made exclusively for Tiffany & Company in England. Peony design is both on the top and sides of the classic Tiffany porcelain keepsake box. The blue and white box measures 5.25" in diameter and is about 2" tall with the slightly rounded, convex top of the box. The bottom of the collector's piece is hand stamped with the number, 26. Mint condition.
Price: $36.00
Tracy Porter Ceramic Round Hand Painted Trinket Box
Beautiful in its elegance, this Tracy Porter round treasure box is hand painted. The top features pastel butterfly and flora on a black background; the edges of the top and bottom feature swirls on a pastel yellow/green background. The round ceramic box measures 3" in diameter and is 1.75" tall. The top is slightly convex. Excellent condition. Inside the box are scripted words, Dream and Delicious.
Price: $11.00
Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box
Willow Tree hand carved keepsake box features two friends facing each other. Inside the box reads, "Forever true, forever friends". Measuring 3 x 3 x 2", the trinket box is perfect for mementos.
Price: $14.50
Wood Inlaid Laquered Handmade Hinged Trinket Box from Granada, Spain
Attractive inlaid pattern of wood on this rectangular lacquered hinged box made in Granada, Spain. Handmade by artist, Miguel Laguna for Artesania Granadina, the box, when opened features red felt on the inside. A brass clasp anchors the front of the box which measures 2.85" in length, 1.75" tall and 2.5" in width. Original labels; mint condition.
Price: $8.50
Porcelain and Ceramic Hinged Trinket Boxes

The history of the hinged box dates back to Limoges, France in the 17th century. Hinged boxes can be used for secret messages, love notes, jewelry, storing precious baby keepsakes and other valuables.
August Calendar Bear - Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box
Porcelain Hinged Teddy Bear - When the hinged box is opened, AUGUST is written inside. Made by Midwest of Cannon Falls. Mint condition; original box.
Price: $11.50
Baby Carriage - Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box
Porcelain Hinged Box - Baby Carriage is decorated in pastel colors. Baby inside carriage is asleep. Made by Roman, Inc. Mint condition; original box.
Price: $8.00
Birdhouse with Snow and Cardinal - Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box
Sparkling snow atop the roof and chimney of the birdhouse with a wreath. The wreath is decorated with a pale yellow bow. The black and white checkered pattern on the bottom of the birdhouse beautifully sets off the brownish red "wood" from the top of the birdhouse. From the PHB Collection, the birdhouse measures about 2.5" tall and .8" wide. Inside the birdhouse is a tiny cardinal with a piece of straw in its mouth and a green bow around its neck. Awesome! Mint condition.
Price: $12.00
Blue and White Hinged Star of David "Shalom" Box by Midwest of Cannon Falls
Blue, white and golden porcelain hinged keepsake box is made by Midwest of Cannon Falls. The top of the round hinged box features a raised golden star of David; the main part of the box reads the word, Shalom, surrounded by two white raised doves. The diameter of the hinged box is 2.6" and the height of the box is 1.6". In mint condition; in its original box and packaging.
Price: $12.00
Blue and White Porcelain Egg Hinged Box
Classic blue and white with green leaves porcelain egg hinged trinket box stands on porcelain legs with gold design. The porcelain egg features large blue roses and smaller blue flowers amid green foliage. The center clasp is shaped like a flower. The porcelain hinged egg measures 4" tall and 2.2" in width. Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
Bunny on Back with four pastel eggs on Purple Basket with Straw Hinged Trinket Box
Hand painted ceramic trinket box features a large white bunny with a yellow bow. The bunny lays on its back while cradling four pastel eggs. The hinged box resembles a large lavender basket with golden straw. The clasp on the hinged box is a bow. The trinket box measures 3.4" tall and 2.5" wide. Excellent condition.
Price: $9.00
Coffee Pots - set of two Porcelain Hinged Boxes
Set of two porcelain hinged coffee urn shaped boxes - Earlier 20th century inspired. Distributed by Darice, Inc. Pastel blue and yellow with geometric designs. Mint condition.
Price: $10.00
Fish and Coral - Colorful Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box
Two bright fish are resting and feeding off the colorful coral in this imaginative porcelain hinged box. The trinket box measures 3" tall and 2.3" in width. This will brighten any collection! Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
Flower Cart Trinket Box - Monet Hinged Collectible Box
Monet Collectible Trinket Box is an opalescent aqua flower cart with four wheels. The flowers are silver and shades of pink. The box opens and closes with a magnet closure. The flower cart keepsake box measures 1.5" x 1.25". Pink interior. Mint condition; in its original box.
Price: $12.00
Flowers and Basket in Porcelain Hinged Box
Pastel flowers in white basket hinged box - measures 3.25" in height. Made by Direct Connection, Industry in Canada. Mint condition; original box.
Price: $12.50
Hot Air Balloon - Porcelain Hinged Box
Colorful Hot Air Balloon stands taller than most hinged boxes at 4" tall. Made by Direct Connection, Industry in Canada. Mint condition; original box.
Price: $11.50
Hummingbird Porcelain Hinged Box
Hummingbird Hinged Box - measures over 3" tall. Made by Direct Connection, Industry in Canada. Mint condition; original box.
Price: $12.50
It's Good to be Queen - Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box by Mary Engelbreit
This adorable hinged retired trinket box was designed by Mary Engelbreit for Enesco in 1998. The trinket box features smiling royalty on the throne. Great expression and coloration. The porcelain box measures 3.5" in height and 2" in width and 1.75" deep. The brass closure has ME on it! Excellent condition.
Price: $12.00
Picnic Basket - Ready to Dine - Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box
Caramel colored picnic basket by Midwest of Cannon Falls has the meal set on the top of the basket. A red and white checkered napkin and silverware is paired with a blue plate which has a sandwich, with a green olive on top, and a slice of watermelon. Excellent detailing and color! The picnic basket porcelain hinged box measures 1.7" wide and tall. Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
Picnic Basket with "Bamboo" handle and Tulips on Top - Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box
Woven white and pastel blue picnic basket with a bamboo handle and trim. On top of the basket are half a dozen pastel tulips in yellow and shades of pink. Hinged box basket measures about 2.5" tall and 1.8" in length. Mint condition.
Price: $10.00
Sailboat Hinged Keepsake Trinket Box by Monet
Sailboat is golden with two blue and white sails and the boat rests on blue waves. Inside the attractive sailboat is a magnet closure and a cream interior. The sailboat box opens with a golden anchor. Great detailing on this mint condition keepsake treasure! In original Monet collectible box.
Price: $18.00
Santa holding Teddy Bear Hinged Box
Porcelain Hinged Santa Box by Midwest of Cannon Falls. Santa holds up Teddy Bear; his bag is draped at his feet. Mint condition; original box.
Price: $11.50
School House - Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box
Old fashioned red school house porcelain hinged box by Midwest of Cannon Falls. The word, SCHOOL, appears under the blue roof. Colorful, the hinged box measures 2.6" tall and 1.4" wide. Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
Sewing Machine Teapot - Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box
Old fashioned black sewing machine with blue thread stitching what looks like a quilted material. Also on top of the teapot are two other spools of thread and scissors. On the front side is a cabinet holding a pincushion with pins and scissors. The quilted fabric "spills" down the back of the teapot sewing machine and remnants of the material can be found on the teapot's handle and spout. Designed by Midwest of Cannon Falls. Approximately 2.7" tall; 2.3" wide and 1.4" deep. Not in original box. Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
Teapot Armchair with Cat, Open Book and Pillow - Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box
Teapot Armchair features green and white design overstuffed chair with a cat, an open book and a pillow and head rest. Designed by Midwest of Cannon Falls. Approximately 2.2" tall; 2.4" wide and 1.5" deep. Not in original box. Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
Tea Pots - set of two Porcelain Hinged Teapots
Set of two porcelain hinged teapot shaped boxes - pastel blue and pink with floral designs. Victorian inspired. Distributed by Darice, Inc. Mint condition.
Price: $10.00
Tea Pot - Blue and White Hinged Porcelain Darice Trinket Box
Lovely blue and white porcelain hinged teapot trinket box; pale blue handle and spout. Butterfly on closure. Distributed by Darice, Inc. Measures 3" in height; 3.5" in width. Mint condition.
Price: $8.50
Two Horses on Hinged Box by Midwest Falls
Yellow and orange horses sit atop tall grassy area above the water that surrounds the bottom of the detailed porcelain hinged box. Created by Midwest of Cannon Falls, this porcelain hinged box measures 2.75" tall, 2" long and 1.5" wide. Mint condition. Original tag on bottom.
Price: $9.00
Vanity Dresser Teapot - Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box
Lovely porcelain vanity teapot. On top of the dresser or vanity are a vase of flowers, a mirror, two perfume bottles and a brush. Designed by Midwest of Cannon Falls. Not in original box. Approximately 2.25" tall; 2.5" wide and 1.3" deep. Mint condition.
Price: $11.00
Tin Decorated Collectible Boxes
Brighton Collectible Jewelry Heart Tins - Set of Three Metal Trinket Boxes
Brighton colorful, heart-shaped tins in mint condition. The tins measure 3.75 x 3.75 x 1". The designs on the bottom of the tins complement the designs on the top. Beautiful collection!
Price: $6.00
Candy Land Collector's Tin Box
Candy Land Game Tin Box measures 8 x 8 x 2.75". Colorful and practical to store candy, cookies or small toys. The tin box was made without any game parts. Candy Land designs cover the top and four sides. Created in 1999; Series #1.
Price: $7.50
Christmas Tea Tin Box
This medium sized Christmas tree tin is perfect for gifting cookies and treats for the holiday. Distributed by Greenbrier International, Inc., it measures almost 6" in diameter and 2.5" tall. Holiday design is around the sides of the tin and on the sides of the bottom of the tin.
Price: $3.00
Coca-Cola Small Round Tin "Delicious and Refreshing" - 1992 - Mother Serves her Children Coca-Cola by the Fireplace
The round red tin features a vintage Coca-Cola advertising photo. A mother brings out the Coca-Cola bottles on a tray to her son and daughter in front of the fireplace. Created by Bristol Ware in 1992, the tin can measures 3.6" in diameter and 1.25" in height. Mint condition.
Price: $8.00
Elmo Round Tin Lunch Box - Sesame Workshop: The Tin Box Company
Sesame Street Elmo Tin Lunch Box - Sesame Street Tickle is a round tin lunchbox measuring 7" across, 6.4" in height and 2.6" in depth. Produced by Sesame Workshop in 2012 with The Tin Box Company. Mint condition. Note: appears more red than picture shows.
Price: $7.50
Trinket Tray
Capelli New York "Believe" Trinket Tray
The attractive glass trinket tray is the perfect size for your favorite rings and jewelry. Designed for Capelli New York. Edged in gold with gold lettering, BELIEVE, on white background with aqua border. The trinket tray measures almost 4 x 4" square, with a slight curve. Mint condition in gift box.
Price: $7.00