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Musical "Boxes" are listed by the melodies they play.  
"Brahm's Lullaby" - My Guardian Angel Musical Figurine - Precious Moments by Enesco
The porcelain bisque figurine is labeled "My Guardian Angel". This is the boy version sitting on a cloud, #E-5205. The music plays "Brahm's Lullaby." The lever on the side allows the musical "box" to be turned on and off. Created in 1980 for Enesco Imports; it was retired in 1985. The figurine measures 5.5" tall and is about 3" in width. Some wear on the bottom gold foil's corner. Not in original box.
Price: $16.00
"Brahm's Lullaby" - Toy Drum with Musical Animation by the Gold Label Collection
Pastel wooden music box features a colorful and animated scene with toys being serenaded by toy soldiers. When the drum is opened, "Brahms Lullaby" plays. Created for Mr. Christmas, Inc. in 2003. Mint condition, in its original box.
Price: $29.50
"Friendship is Magic" - My Little Pony Musical Jewelry Box by Hasbro
My Little Pony Musical Jewelry Box plays Friendship is Magic as the winder on the back of the box is turned. Very colorful, featuring three My Little Ponies on the top. Inside the Hasbro box the pony twirls while the music plays. A mirror allows the pony to be viewed 360 degrees. The music box measures 6 x 4.2 x 3.25" closed and there is a hinge that securely closes the box. Mint condition with original tags.
Price: $12.00
"Hush, Little Baby" - Keepsake Musical Baby in Baby Shoe
The porcelain bunny baby's sleeping as he snuggles in his baby shoe. The baby slowly moves to the tune of "Hush Little Baby" when you turn the knob on the back of the shoe. Gorgeous eyelashes! Baby wears a blue bunny costume with a blue pacifier. Stephan Enterprises, Inc. Box measures 7 x 5 x 2.75". Baby in shoe figurine and box are in mint condition.
Price: $16.00
"Memories" from CATS, the Musical - Mammas & Babies Musical Cats # 1847
Soft Plush: Mama Cat holds Baby Kitten Pull the accordion-like cloth tie and the baby slowly comes back to the Mama while playing "Memories" from Cats. From the Mammas & Babies Collection by North American Bear Company, Inc. in 1999. #1847 Infant safe; surface washable. 9" sitting Mint condition; original tags.
Price: $35.00
"Thank Heaven For Little Girls" - Musical Ballerinas porcelain figurine
Two porcelain ballerinas sit ready to perform. The two coordinate in pastel yellow and pink. Their tutus and ballet shoes allow them to perch on a shelf or edge of furniture, as pictured. Lovely gift for a ballerina! Created by The San Francisco Music Company, this ballerina figurine has a sturdy winder under their tutus. Measures 6" x 5.25". Not in original box.
Price: $15.00
"The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha - Owl Musical Figurine
Wise and beautifully sculpted owl is perched on the upturned base of a flower pot. The pot rests upon a craggy rock-like surface. When the winder is turned on the bottom of the figurine, "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha plays. Approximately 7" in height, the owl is about 5" in width.
Price: $15.00
"Waltz of the Flowers" - Hello Kitty Musical Jewelry Box by Sanrio
Hello Kitty Musical Jewelry Musical Box plays Waltz of the Flowers as Miss Kitty twirls. Just turn the winder on the back of the box and the music plays and Hello Kitty dances in front of the oval mirror. The Sanrio jewelry box is oval in shape, measuring 6.1 x 4.75 x 3.4". Mint condition.
Price: $10.00
"Winnie the Pooh" - Musical Figurine - Shelf or Wall Mounted
Winnie the Pooh Music Box plays Winnie the Pooh as you wind the wheel with the bee. Watch the bee turn counterclockwise while the tune plays.The figurine can easily be mounted on the wall. Produced in the late 1970s by UCTCI in Japan for Sankyo. Musical figurine measures 5" in height and almost 4" wide. Original tags on back.
Price: $17.50