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Pewter and Brass

Pewter Angels on Crystal Bowl
Pewter Angels Base on Crystal Bowl by FORT USA
Crystal Bowl With Angels features three angels holding cornucopias. The fine Italian (24% lead Plombo Cristallo) bowl is contained within the uniquely designed pewter angel ring holder. The crystal bowl is removable. The crystal bowl is 5.25" in diameter and 2.5" tall. The angels each measure 2.75" tall. FORT pewter is beautifully detailed and well crafted in the US since 1945.
Price: $42.00

Pewter Candle Holder
Rawcliffe Pewter Tealight Holder
This Rawcliffe Pewter Tealight Holder features roses on a trellis. The stamped number, on the inside, is V1565. On the bottom of the pewter tealight holder are the words, Rawcliffe Pewter and 1995. Petaled assorted florals are on the back side of the pewter piece. Tealight candle included.
Price: $7.00

Animals, Clown & Fantasy Figurines
Miniature pewter fantasy sculptures became popular during the 1970s. Known for its distinct glow and durability, pewter attracts admirers from around the world. Pewter made in the 20th century, is lead-free.  

The main substance of pewter, tin, was discovered during the Bronze Age. In Europe, pewter was popular for kitchenware, plates and eating utensils by the Middle Ages. The ruling class favored pewter in the 12th century; this led to its later use in inns and taverns.  Pewter's uses in the 15th century included dining, decorative art and toys. When the dangers of lead became known in the 1700s, the alloy was substituted by Britannia metal which is a form of pewter made from tin, antimony and copper. 

Brass Unicorn Figurine
Brass Unicorn - Miniature Figurine
This solid brass unicorn has a great amount of detail for its miniature size. Made in Taiwan, the unicorn measures 2.3" tall and is almost 3" in length, from tail to magical horn. A treasure in excellent condition!
Price: $11.00

Pewter Animal Figurines
Pewter Donkey Resting - MWFF©1989
Pewter donkey at rest features a detailed donkey. Faceted cuts in the pewter make for an unusual and distinctive pewter piece for any collector. The bottom markings are: MWFF©1989. Mint condition.
Price: $10.00
Pewter Kangaroo and Baby - P188 by Spoontiques
Pewter Kangaroo and baby in pouch was created by Spoontiques in 1981. Measures 1.7" tall; 1.5" wide. Excellent condition. Markings on bottom include Spoontiques trademark and year, PEWTER and P188.
Price: $8.50

Pewter Clown Figurine
Pewter Clown Entertainer with Microphone
Smiling clown with clown collar, long coat tails and a microphone in hand is ready to entertain the pewter or clown collector. Great features on this fine pewter figurine with markings of cursive E encircled on the underside and words "fine pewter". The clown shoes are adorable: one shoe is super long and the other turns up! Measures 2.6" tall.
Price: $16.00

Pewter Fantasy Figurines
Pewter Baby Dragon Figurine
Pewter Baby Dragon Figurine has no visible markings. His tail wraps around a small tree stump to his right. Whimsical, yet as realistic demonstrating a dinosaur that "just wants to have some fun." Excellent condition. Measures 1.25" tall.
Price: $5.50
Pewter Dragon Figurine with Swarovski Crystal Globe - CMR881 by Spoontiques
Pewter dragon fantasy figurine holds a clear faceted Swarovski crystal in his arms, close to his body, perhaps protecting an egg. His eyes are bright red crystals that sparkle. The dragon measures 1.5 tall x 1.25 wide". Excellent condition. Markings under his robes read, CMR881 PEWTER; (c) 1988 Spoontiques.
Price: $8.00
Pewter Dragon Figurine PP242 - Ral Partha Wyvern Winged Scorpion Tailed Dragon - Retired
Meet the Wyvern Dragon, a creation of Ral Partha of Dungeons and Dragons fame. The Scorpion Tailed Dragon pewter figurine features red sparkling eyes and on the base, as if the dragon is protecting one of his own, a Swarovski crystal. This item is the solid, one piece dragon, no the two piece blister pack model. This figurine is retired; measures 2.75" in length and 2.3" in width. Excellent condition. Markings on bottom of the base.
Price: $19.00
Pewter Wizard Figurine with Owl, Staff and Swarovski Crystal Globe - CMR950 by Spoontiques
Wizard pewter fantasy figurine holds his staff in the right hand, an owl is perched on his left shoulder and he and the owl peer into the large clear faceted Swarovski "Fireball" crystal held in the wizard's left hand. The eyes of the owl and wizard are bright red crystals that sparkle. The figurine measures 2.5 tall x 2.15 wide". Excellent condition. Markings under his robes read, CMR950 PEWTER; Spoontiques.
Price: $12.50