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Dooney & Bourke Mini-Wide Tassel Bag
Dooney and Bourke Mini Wide Tassel Bag - Camel trim with Black Hearts - MBH9 BL
Beautiful detailing on a Dooney and Bourke Mini Wide Tassel Bag. The camel colored leather accents the colorful hearts on the black background. Distinctive pale blue piping is featured on the camel trim. The front of the bag features a tied tassel and, of course, the pink and gold Dooney and Bourke charm which dangles from a leather tie. The inside of the bag is lined with red and features a camel leather pouch for a cell phone, a card holder (with the Dooney and Bourke name and Made in Italy) and a fob on the golden zippered interior pouch, measuring 6" across. The purse measures 9.7" in width, almost 3" in depth at the bottom and 13.25" in height. Each of the two handles measure 22.5" from one stitched side to the other. Four golden pieces are affixed to the base of the purse for stability and good looks! Excellent condition!
Price: $59.00

Piero Guidi Hand Bag
Piero Guidi Shimmery Silver Handbag with Hearts for the Young at Heart
The Piero Guidi mint condition handbag is perfect for a teenager or young at heart individual. Silver background features hearts in blue, white, pink and red. The snapping clasp on the front is a large silver heart. The back of the heart has Piero Guidi and an messenger angel etched. The front of the silver heart features an L,heart,LA'S etched, as seen in the photo. Black piping and straps and closure accent the loveliness of this handbag. Inside the bag are two compartments; one is zippered. At its widest, the bag measures 10" and is 5.5" in length, not including the handles. The handles measure almost 22" in length from the front ring to the back ring. Piero Guidi handbags are fabulous!
Price: $44.00

Child's Backpack
Snowman Zippered Backpack from the Heritage Collection by Ganz
Heritage Collection by Ganz; Snowman has sparkling silver threads throughout his soft white coat. He wears a blue scarf and blue fur-trimmed mittens. With a huge smile, this backpack is sure to please any child. (Not recommended for children under 3). Straps are blue to match the scarf and mittens. A curved 11" zipper permits the snowman to carry books and toys. Snowman also features a blue strap on the back of his neck to allow him to hang from a hook. Mint condition with tag.
Price: $15.00
Accessories: Purses, Jewelry Totes & Luggage
Brighton Black and Red Wallet with Key Ring
Brighton black and dark red wallet features a herringbone pattern woven in black and dark red. The rest of the exterior is is black faux crocodile/alligator. Triangular long "silver" metal piece of engraved metal is on the front of the wallet. "Silver" metal snap closure. The interior is black with a center zippered compartment. Zippered pull has the attached Brighton leather heart. Key ring is attached to a leather loop on the back "pocket" on the inside. Measures 4.65" across, 4" tall and less than an inch in width. Great wallet features! Excellent condition.
Price: $22.50
Brighton Small Leather Zippered ID Holder and Coin Purse
Great accessory for one's purse or will fit in a pocket. Measures almost 3" x 4". One interior pocket; one exterior pocket. Photo "pocket" is on the outside of the exterior pocket - heart shaped. Silver ball designed zipper pull to open interior pocket. Mint condition.
Price: $12.50
Coin Purse by Relativity - French Bulldog: French Coin Purse with Key Ring
Black French Bulldog design with silver stud eyes is a stylish coin purse. Zipper closure features a white dog bone (see under the dog's face). Attached key ring on upper left ear. The interior of the purse is lined with easy to clean fabric. French bulldog purse measures 4" x 0.5". Mint condition.
Price: $8.50
Kate Spade Rollout Mirror - Chocolate and Pink
Kate Spade Rollout Mirror "Katy" chclt/pink (219) 2-sided mirror: closeup & regular view Gold "hinge" and "Kate Spade" lettering Mint condition; original box and label.
Price: $23.50
Key Holder and ID Dark Green and Gold Design
Detailed green and gold key holder, has six attachments for hanging keys and room for ID or business cards, inside. Measures 4 x 2.4". Mint condition.
Price: $5.00
M&M's Jumbo Luggage Tag in Green
This jumbo green M&M's luggage tag is perfect for suitcases, duffel bags and backpacks. Making your tote or luggage easy to identify, this green lady M&M is wearing yellow sunglasses on her head and white fashion boots. She has her boarding pass in hand and holds her roller black bag in her other. On the back of the tag are clear white spaces to personalize name, address, city, state, zip, telephone and email. Created by Mars, Inc. in 2010. Measures 7.5" with black strap. Mint condition.
Price: $7.00
Scrunchy Makeup Case - Purple with silver kiss closure by Wellspring
Purple faux leather collapsible case with kiss closure and interior mirror is new. Beautifully constructed by Wellspring, this makeup case will be a wonderful addition that can fit lipstick, gloss or jewelry, gum or coins. The case is lined in black; the inside mirror measures 2.4" across. When fully extended, the Scrunchy Case measures 3.5" long. New. Original tag on bottom of case.
Price: $12.00
Vintage Wallet - Concentric Circles of Reddish-Pink Opalescent Beads
Wonderful wallet for dress or casual wear, this beaded purse measures about 5.5 x 4". The mini strap at the top of the purse is almost 2.5" long. Zippered closure at the top of the lined wallet measures 4.5". In the center of the concentric circles of pink and red beads, on both sides, is a highly unusual bead - reddish with a horizontal pink stripe. Mint condition.
Price: $21.00
Wristlet in Hot Colors - Royal Blue, Hot Pink and Orange with Key Ring
Wristlet in bright colors features a front pocket for ID or photo, a pocket behind the photo, a back pocket and a zippered pocket. Inside each pocket is bright pink fabric. The key ring which is attached to the side loop is "silver" in color as is the zippered closure on the top of the wristlet. The 6" strap is also anchored with a smaller ring. Measures 5 x 3.25" and is in mint condition.
Price: $10.00
Wristlet and Matching Lipstick Holder by Nine West - Browns
This matching duo includes a wrist purse and a lipstick holder. The wrist purse has a small mirror, two small compartments for mobile phone and room for at least four cards. Thre is an ID clear window on the back of the purse which could also hold photos. On the sides are sturdy elastic, so small writing implements or a stylus could be placed. The lipstick holder has a mirror and a compartment for lipstick or lip balm. Brown leather trim on both and around the ID window. Sturdy Velcro closures are on both items for securing your valuables. The brown leather wristlet strap is a 12" loop; the lipstick case has a golden metal clip that could be attached to the wrist purse. Wrist purse measures 6 x 2.8" and the lipstick holder is 4 x 1.5". Mint condition; never used.
Price: $11.00
Wristlet Phone Case by Tommy Hilfiger - Red with Strap
Bright red cell phone case with precision stitching accenting the case. Sturdy Velcro closure and strong silver colored clip attached to distinctive Tommy Hilfiger red on black cloth strap which measures 12.5 inches - 6.25" because it is doubled. The bright red phone case measures 5.25 x 2.25". Mint condition; never used.
Price: $7.50

Denim GAP Bag
Small Denim Lined Bag by GAP -
Blue denim material on the outside of the bag and black material on the inside. Taupe quarter inch embroidery stitching surrounds the sides and bottom of the bag. The brown leather-like strap has same stitching. Top of bag has matching running stitch to accent the other stitches. Sturdy snap closure on the bag with inside zippered side compartment. The zipper measures 5" long. The bag measures 9" at its widest and almost 6" deep. The bag's strap measures 15.5", outside the bag. Durable and practical small handbag!
Price: $10.00

Evening Beaded Bags and Beaded Clutches
Black Beaded Evening Bag
Black beaded evening bag is lined and includes two straps: one measures 47", the other, featured on the bag measures 15". This evening bag can be carried without straps, too. Exquisitely designed; beads flow with movement. Perfect for a flapper inspired outfit! Delightful addition to accessorize with evening wear. Mint condition.
Price: $34.00
Red Beaded and Sequined Evening Clutch
Bright red beaded and sequined evening bag with red flower made from organza. The red beads "fall" in lines 3.5" under the red bag. Purse fastens with a silver clasp and features two silver chains: 18" and 47". The evening bag is lined in red satin, with a 4.55 x 2.5" pocket. This evening bag will sway when the wearer walks and dances. Mint condition.
Price: $32.00
White Opalescent Beaded Evening Bag
Opalescent beads are scalloped after the first 1.5" of beading at the top. The stylish, lined evening bag sways as you walk or dance. Perfect for the bride! Two handles lined in satin are 8" in length. The evening bag, made in the UK, also has a long cord (interior of bag) which measures 48". Beautiful bag is fastened with a sturdy snap. Lovely! Mint condition.
Price: $38.00
Tapestry Bags
Floral Tapestry Handbag
Both sides of this tapestry handbag feature a floral scene of greens, yellows, muted pinks and purples with black accents to match the 40" long strap (tied in the photo). The handbag is roomy: 8.5" wide and 8" tall. There is a zipper closure at the top of the bag. This over the shoulder bag is perfect for casual or dressy wear!
Price: $16.00
Golf Design Tapestry Shoulder Bag
This mint condition golf tapestry shoulder bag is zippered and lined. Golfer print on the outside; inside navy lining with two deep stitched pockets. Fabric reinforced handles measure 36". Made in USA. Mint condition; original tag.
Price: $29.50
Japanese Motif Tapestry and Leather Handbag - Made in Kyoto, Japan
Panels of deep reds, browns and greens outlined in golden yellow are featured on this unique lined handbag with a wooden woven pocket in center front. Two circle leather handles are secured by leather casing on both sides of the 8.5" x 8.25" handbag. Bottom sides are leather as is the piping around the entire bag. Inside a zippered pocket is ample, measuring 6" x 3" deep. Original tag has Japanese writing and "in Kyoto" as well as No. 9165.712.2210. Stunning! Mint condition.
Price: $28.50
Jungle and Animal Tapestry Handbag
My favorite! The front of this unique tapestry bag features a jungle motif showing large flora, an elephant and giraffe; the back is stitched in a complementary burgundy fabric. The bag measures approximately 7 x 7". The long, 4 foot strap, can be worn across the body, perfect for a passport purse. The handbag is lined and is made by The Vermont Bag Lady. The zippered top features a monkey charm on the zipper pull. Mint condition.
Price: $23.00
Teddy Bear Tapestry Tote
This tapestry teddy bear tote features teddy bears all dressed up. This tote bag has the original tag; the tote is handcrafted in New England by Designs by Sandra. The tote measures 18" across the top and is 14" in height. The two reinforced handles measure 27" in length and just over an 1" wide. Teddy Bear tote is a wonderful addition for the teddy bear collector!
Price: $14.50

Totes:  JoAnn Marie Designs
JoAnn Marie purses and totes have original tags and are in mint condition. 
Long Handle Fold-up Tote - Zebra design
JoAnn Marie Designs - Zebra/Black; extra zippered makeup/coin bag (4.25 x 6.25") attached. Unopened the zippered bag measures approximately 4.5 x 8.5"; opened, the bag measures 13 x 21". Gusset measures 6 x 9" when opened. Each of the two straps measure about 28" in length. One left!
Price: $15.00
Short Handle Fold-Up Tote - Safari design
JoAnn Marie Designs - Safari animal designed print; check out the opened look, below. Unopened the zippered bag measures approximately 4.75 x 9"; opened, the bag measures 13.5 x 23". Gusset measures 5.5 x 8.5" when opened. Each of the two straps measure about 12" in length. One left!
Price: $15.00
Tote Bag - New Chocolate Striped Brown
JoAnn Marie Designs - Striped Colors with Chocolate Brown. Zippered tote measures 13.5 x 18.5". Attractive center fastener (almost 2.5" wide) adds to design and security. Each of the two straps measure about 21" in length.
Price: $13.00
Jumbo Tote & Beach Bag
JoAnn Marie Designs Tote & Beach Bag (micro-fiber fabric) Features turquoise, yellow and other colored stripes; measures 24.5 x 18.5 x 8" with gusset. Straps measure 25" in length. Interior top has mesh with drawstring closure and an inside Velcro pocket.
Price: $11.00

Maggib Bags
French Country Mini Hobo Bag by Maggib - Ebony Folklore Pattern - MB02836
Maggib Cloth Quilted Mini Hobo Bag by Ganz Ebony Folklore print Original tags; mint condition Inside lined in lovely complementary print. Outside features side cell phone holder with secure Velcro and deep zippered compartment on the front. Both zippers feature matching cloth ties. Inside is a zippered compartment and two additional compartments. Measures 5.5 x 11"; strap measures 21"
Price: $18.00
French Country Wallet On Rope by Maggib - Midnight Paisley - MB02766
Maggib Cloth Quilted Wallet Bag by Ganz Midnight Paisley print Original tags; mint condition Inside lined in lovely complementary print. Outside features front side with a secure Velcro closure and back allows you to attach the bag onto a belt, securely. Inside, a zippered compartment (7 x 3 ") with matching cloth tie holds valuables. The interior features a large cloth compartment for a checkbook (7 x 3"), clear plastic to view credit cards or ID; other interior side features six cloth slots for additional cards. Measures 7.5 x 4.5"; strap measures 48 x .385"
Price: $13.00

Strada Mustard Yellow Shoulder Bag
Strada Crossbody Mustard Yellow Bag
Smart bright yellow mustard shoulder bag with long handle that will comfortably crossover one's body. The handle measures up to 56" when fully adjusted. One can adjust to make the handbag much shorter, too. The handbag measures 9.5" across and 8.25 in length. The outer zippered pocket measures 8.5 in width x 6.5 in depth. There is another pocket that securely snaps on the outside, behind the zippered outer pocket. The inside of the bag is lined in the same color as the purse and features two compartments, side-by-side for phone, Kleenex, etc. and on the opposite side, another deep zippered compartment. Mint condition with original tags.
Price: $24.00

Photo Purse Album
Photo Handbag Album - 1950s style
Attractive purse in the style of 1950s to hold photos. Not a purse; it's an unusual photo album! Holds at least 50 (4 x 6") photos. Dotted Swiss design, white dots on black background. Black handles measure 10" each. Photo Purse without handles measures 7 x 5.75" Perfect gift for new mom or new grandma!
Price: $8.50